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Ye Chenfeng and Bai Beibei cooperated very well. They looked at each other affectionately and danced beautifully. Their movements were precise and smooth.

They were elegant and calm.

After the opening dance, everyone went about their own business. They chatted and played until almost 12 o’clock, when the countdown for the birthday started.

Some of the elders couldn’t take it anymore and left early.

But there were still a lot of people.

Ye Jun and Lin Shu’er also went to the lounge and handed the reception over to Ye Hanzhi. They were prepared to come out when it was almost midnight.

Everyone was in groups of three to five, singing, playing cards and games. It was very fun.

Ye Qingran walked to the door and said to Ye Hanzhi, “Big Brother, you should also go and rest.”

Ye Hanzhi looked at the time. It was already ten o’clock and the all the guests had already arrived.

He nodded and was about to enter together with Ye Qingran.

At this moment, a flashy red convertible sports car sped towards them at lightning speed. It slowed down quickly and stopped abruptly at the entrance of the banquet hall.

Then, two tall and handsome men got out of the car.

Ye Qingran was dumbfounded.”…”

Weren’t these Leng Xiao and Murong Yichen?

Why were they here?

They didn’t seem to have been invited.

Ye Hanzhi was also puzzled. He glanced at Ye Qingran and knew that he hadn’t invited them either. He knew that these two people had come uninvited.

But even if they had come uninvited, he couldn’t just ignore them.

Even if they were once competitors.

Ye Hanzhi walked forward and greeted the two of them.

In the business world, there were no eternal enemies, only common interests.

Ye Qingran also greeted them.

They represented the Ye family, and since they were here, they could not ignore them.

Leng Xiao held a bouquet of flowers in his hand and asked Ye Qingran, “I heard that you got first place in the math competition and that it’s your birthday tomorrow, but why didn’t you invite me?”

Murong Yichen’s gaze was cold. There was a slight smile on the corners of his mouth, but it was a very cold smile.

He also said, “We only found out after we heard about it from others.”

Ye Qingran: Hehe.

These two people really knew how to flatter themselves.

What relationship did they have? Why would they be told?

Ye Qingran put on a fake smile, “We don’t seem to be that…”

Ye Hanzhi coughed lightly and interrupted Ye Qingran’s words. He said to the two of them, “It’s just a small celebration. How would we dare to trouble the two of you?”

“No trouble. I’m very happy to attend.”

Leng Xiao said in a very friendly manner.

He placed the flowers in his hand in Ye Qingran’s hand and also gave the keys to the sports car that he had driven just now to Ye Qingran. “Your present. Happy Birthday.”

Of course, Ye Qingran could not accept the sports car.

She accepted th

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