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Upon hearing Hua Chi’s roar, all of the students turned their attention to Ye Qingran.

She spread her hands in confusion, “None of my…”

Mu Qingxue sobbed miserably before Ye Qingran had the chance to finish her sentence, “Ye Qingran, this joke is not funny at all. Return the money to me immediately.”

Agree with each other with a few words.

Without given a chance to rebut, Ye Qingran was convicted immediately.

“Which of your eyes saw me stealing your money?” Ye Qingran sarcastically asked.

“The money was here…” Hua Chi pointed to the spot where the money was kept, “I was outside when I saw you standing here when you came back just now. If you weren’t stealing money, what were you doing?”

Ye Qingran reacted with surprise, “You saw me?”

Holding back her laughed, she replied, “I’m sorry. When I came back just now, I saw a boy and a girl hugging each other at the corner. Those two looked like you and Mu Qingxue.”

She used to watch dramas when she had free time in the past.

Some of the female leads starring in these idol dramas were top-notch sl*t.

Holding on to the male lead…

While flirting with the supporting male on the other end.

The female lead remained ambivalent between the two, and she continued to flirt.

Throughout the entire drama, all the men in the play would revolve around the female lead.

Who would have thought that she would encounter such a scene, which involved a “green tea b*tch”.

Everyone uproared.

Their faces were full of gossip.

“D*mn, that’s too blatant! They even dare to hug in school.”

“They seem to have left just now, didn’t they?”

“It wasn’t just them who left. Several of our classmates went to the washroom.”

“That shouldn’t be the case. Aren’t Dongfang Yu and Mu Qingxue dating? Even a fool would know who to pick between Huachi and Dongfang Yu.”

A wrongful looked appeared on Mu Qingxue’s face.

“Ye Qingran, how could you do such a thing? It’s fine if you took the money, but how could you accuse me of this! I…” angrily justified, Mu Qingran’s eyes turned red with her eyes filled with tears when she spoke. Feeling wrongly accused, she raised her trembling hand and pointed at Ye Qingran.

Hua Chi felt guilty.

How could Ye Qingran witness it?

Despite this, he soon regained his composure.

As long as they continue denying, the truth will never emerge.

He also pointed at Ye Qingran and scolded, “You b*stard, you could make up all kinds of nonsense to clear your name. There is no doubt that you are the one who stole the money.”

Ye Qingran slowly arose.

Staring straight into Hua Chi’s eyes, she replied while enunciating each word carefully, “Didn’t you always say that I’m a good-for-nothing who only knows how to rely on my family’s wealth and power? What makes you think that I would be interested in such a small amount of money?”

“Who knows if such wealthy people like you would go to the extremes for the sak

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