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When Long Junyao returned home, he saw that Mu Qingxue’s cheeks were red and swollen. Her eyes were red and swollen too. She must have cried hard before. His face darkened. “What happened to your face?”

Mu Qingxue had indeed cried really hard today that her voice was hoarse. “Dont worry, tomorrow will be the weekend. I should be fine by Monday.”

Long Junyao reached out and caressed her face lovingly. Mu Qingxue immediately hissed.

“You call this fine?” Long Junyao’s voice was filled with anger.

“When I decided to do that, I knew that I would be slapped. Fortunately, it was only just a slap, so I don’t mind.”

After Mu Qingxue finished speaking, Long Junyao narrowed his eyes. “Ye Qingran hit you.”

The man in front of her seemed to be very dangerous, but he was also protective of her. Mu Qingxue’s heart trembled slightly. She felt wronged and tears welled up in her eyes.

Long Junyao immediately understood what was going on.

He reached out and hugged Mu Qingxue in his arms. His handsome face was filled with destructive anger.

That night, after an intense love encounter, Mu Qingxue fell asleep.

Long Junyao went to the study and made a phone call.

“I’m willing to join the real estate project in Jiang City that you two mentioned before. However, I have one condition, and that is to acquire the competitor this time — the Ye Group.”

Long Junyao’s expression was very cold, and his eyes were filled with malice.

The fourth young master of the Ye family, an arrogant profligate, actually dared to lay his hands on Long Junyao’s woman.

He must be tired of living!

Tonight was destined to be an extraordinary night.

Long Junyao came out of the study room and called over a few tall bodyguards, then pointed at the villa opposite.

Meanwhile, Ye Qingran, who was in the villa opposite, was in the kitchen at this time, studying how to make dinner.

She couldn’t keep ordering takeout. She had to learn how to cook.

There were ingredients in the fridge. Ye Qingran looked at them for a long time and found that the simplest one was the scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Ye Qingran went online to search for the recipe.

The recipe was simple and easy to learn. The dish was rich in nutrients too.

She decided to cook this dish.

However, fifteen minutes later, the kitchen was filled with a burnt smell. She didn’t know what had happened. She had only turned her back against it and the eggs in the pot had already turned charred and black.

“How did this happen?”

Ye Qingran quickly turned off the fire.

She looked at her phone while looking at the scrambled eggs in the pot. She had strictly followed the steps on the Internet, so how did the eggs turn black?

She was so hungry!

Ye Qingran immediatelt sliced the tomatoes instead, took a piece, and ate it.

She gave Chu Yan a call and asked humbly, “Brother, is the method of making the scrambled eggs with tomatoes on the Internet

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