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He Cizhou looked at Chu Yan and clicked his tongue. “You’re going to help?”

Chu Yan replied, “My help is unnecessary.”

He Cizhou felt that he had been belittled, looked down upon, and was almost ignored.

He looked at Ye Qingran. “Little friend, do you want to have a one-on-one fight with your Big Brother?”

Ye Qingran blinked and revealed an incomparably brilliant smile. “I don’t dare, I don’t dare. I’m such an innocent person. No matter what, I won’t be a match for you.”

He Cizhou frowned. “You say you’re innocent, does that mean that I’m cunning? Why does it sound like you’re scolding me?”

Chu Yan said plainly, “Isn’t that obvious.”

He Cizhou spat. “Fine, I almost forgot. You two were born on the same day. Both of you are Scorpios, your thinking patterns and approaches are really similar… it’s really scary.”

After dinner, He Cizhou went straight back.

Coincidentally, Mu Qingxue, who was standing upstairs, saw him.

Mu Qingxue was stunned.

Why was there another man in that room.

Who was this man?

It was said that men were very lustful and did not care about chastity.

Did Ye Qingran bring another man back when that man surnamed Chu did not return?

Not only did she have several girlfriends, but she also dated several men.

It was really disgusting.


If the man surnamed Chu knew that Ye Qingran was still dating other men behind his back, that man would definitely not bother with Ye Qingran anymore.


In Mu Qingxue’s heart.

She always felt that even if Ye Qingran and Chu Yan were not in an illicit relationship, they definitely had an ambiguous relationship.

She took out her phone and took a photo of He Cizhou leaving.

She was going to show it to Chu Yan the next time she saw him.

Mu Qingxue did not spend too much time thinking about Ye Qingran.

To her, Ye Qingran was a b*stard who relied on the Ye family to do whatever she wanted.

Without the Ye family, Ye Qingran would not be a threat.

To deal with the Ye family, she needed to become stronger.

Yang Guang had just called her.

He told her that the Mi foundation was looking for a spokesperson.

When she got the spokesperson’s contract, she would be guaranteed a female lead position in a movie.

This was a great opportunity for her, who had just entered the industry and had yet to make a name for herself.

She had to think of a way to get a spot at the charity auction. She had to get the highest price for her auction items and get the position of spokesperson and female lead.

Mu Qingxue’s results had dropped because of her entry into the entertainment industry.

The teacher-in-charge had a talk with her. The beautiful teacher from the competition also called her to her office.

She was different from the teacher-in-charge.

The beautiful mathematics teacher spoke very impolitely.

“Take a look at what you have written. You can even make mistakes in the basic steps

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