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Chapter 83: She Was Being Targeted Again

Ye Hanzhi suddenly said, “Dad, studying is very particular about the atmosphere.”

Ye Jun was puzzled. “Is that so?”

Song Ye nodded. “That’s true. I had a classmate who was the same. When he was studying at home, he couldn’t study anything. No matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t remember it. But when he went to school and studied with everyone, he could remember what he saw.”

Ye Chenfeng said, “In ancient times, Mother Meng moved three times just to choose a good environment to educate her son to become successful. It shows how important the learning atmosphere is.”

Ye Jun looked at the three of them in puzzlement.

It was rare that these three boys would actually speak up for his fourth son.

It could be seen that during this period of time, his fourth son was indeed very sensible.

If he was forced to come back, if he were to return to his original appearance, then his gains would not be worth the losses.

In the end, Ye Jun did not ask Ye Qingran to come back.

Lin Shu-er was very surprised and a little flustered.

These three people spoke up for Qingran. Didn’t they have a bad relationship in the past?

Just because Qingran helped the second brother once, but he didn’t help the eldest and third brother. Why would they speak up for Qingran?

She wanted to send Ye Qingran back.

Firstly, she wanted to see where Ye Qingran lived, and secondly, she wanted to take the opportunity to talk to Ye Qingran about this matter.

She wanted to ask her why her three brothers wanted to help her?

Could it be that they were scheming against her and did not want her to go home?

Ye Qingran did not want her to pester her, so she found an excuse to say that she had an appointment with a friend and left.

However, she knew that Lin shu-er would definitely not give up.

She had to think of a way to get it over with once and for all.

There were no classes in grade 12. When she returned to school, she would only be doing her revision and some test papers.

If she could do it once and for all, she would not have to go to school for revision and would just go straight to the college entrance exam.

The host’s first girlfriend, Chi Xun, was a genius student. She went to competition overseas and she had guaranteed admission to the school. That was why she could choose not to go to school.

Her second girlfriend, Tang Tang, was a celebrity with high popularity. Her exam was an art exam, so she did not have to go to school.

Her third girlfriend, Chu Ruo, was preparing to go abroad for the exam, thus she was not going to school as well.

Two days ago, the fourth girlfriend, Zixia, told her with a sad face that it was too difficult to break off her marriage. She wanted her father to apply for leave on her behalf, and she wanted to go shopping overseas to heal her broken heart.

What excuse should she find to not go to school while hiding from t

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