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Chapter 91: She Almost Tricked Herself

Chu Ruoruo suddenly thought of something and exclaimed.

She then opened her school bag and took out a small box of biscuits. She handed it to Ye Qingran and said, “Brother Ran, I made this myself. Try and see if you like it.”

Ye Qingran opened the box. There were colorful biscuits of various patterns. They looked delicious and appetizing.

She picked up a piece and put it into her mouth, savoring it’s taste.

Chu Ruoruo looked at her nervously and asked, “Is it delicious?”

Ye Qingran praised, “It’s very delicious. It’s nice and crispy. Did you really make this yourself?”

Chu Ruoruo nodded. “Yes, I made it myself.”

Ye Qingran sincerely expressed, “It’s even more delicious than the ones sold outside.”

Chu Ruoruo immediately said, “If you like them, then I’ll make them for you more often in the future.”

Ye Qingran said, “Thank you.”

Chu Ruoruo leaned back on her chair and looked over to Ye Qingran, who was seated in the passenger seat. She said seductively, “Brother Ran, there aren’t many girls in this world that likes to dress beautifully and have good culinary skills like me. Do you want to make a reservation in advance, so there won’t be anyone else to snatch me?”

Ye Qingran: “Uh ~ ~ ~”

Chu Ruoruo continued to promote herself, “Don’t hesitate and just make a reservation. This is a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity. I will be a charming and knowledgeable wife, with good temper that knows how to care for my husband and children while taking care of the house.”

Ye Qingran:”…”

If she were a man, she would definitely make a reservation.

The problem was that she is not a man.

She looked at Chu Yan and quickly changed the topic. “Ruoruo is really amazing. Her culinary skills are completely professional. Brother, do you want to try it?”

She handed the box of biscuits over.

Chu Ruoruo was also innocent and gullible. When she heard Ye Qingran say this, she smiled and said from the side, “Brother, I know you don’t like sweet food, but you can try it too. It’s really delicious.”

Chu Yan continued looking straight with both hands on the steering wheel. “I’m driving.”

Chu Ruoruo tried to be considerate and said, “Then I’ll feed one to you.”

Just as she was about to move her hand, Chu Yan stopped her. “Your hand is dirty.”

Chu Ruoruo immediately retracted her hand and looked at it.

Just now, she had been touching the chair. It was indeed quite dirty.

She said, “Brother Ran, feed one to my brother.”

Ye Qingran replied “Oh” and took a piece to Chu Yan’s mouth. “This matcha flavored one tastes pretty good. It’s not that sweet. Try It…”

As Chu Yan opened his mouth and ate the biscuit, his lips accidentally touched Ye Qingran’s finger.

Ye Qingran felt as if an electric current jolted through her. Her heart suddenly felt numb.

She quickly retracted her finger and asked naturally, “Is it good?”

Chu Ruoruo also as

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