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Monet’s mouth opened so wide that an egg could be stuffed into it.

She looked at Ye Qingran and then at Chu Yan. They were both gorgeous, one indifferent and the other arrogant. They looked like a perfect couple.

It was a pleasing sight to behold.

Even though one of them was the guy she liked, but she was not jealous at all.

She even felt that these two men were really a good match and that they should be together.

She must have gone crazy, right? ! !

Mo Nainai stared at Ye Qingran and was stunned for a full minute.

She finally calmed down and said pitifully, “You’re lying to me, right?”

Ye Qingran replied firmly, “Nainai, we grew up together and our relationship has always been very good, so I don’t want to lie to you. I really only like men.”

She accused him, “You’re putting on a show.”

Ye Qingran said, “I told you the truth.”

Her pretty face looked like a little white flower that had been battered by the wind and rain.

She felt like crying. “Then what should I do? Those two have agreed to compete fairly with me.”

In the end, Ye Qingran was snatched away by a man.

This was outrageous! !

She glared at Chu Yan with resentment.

Ye Qingran comforted her, “There are many good men in this world. Look at my three elder brothers, they’re pretty good too.”

Monet snorted at him. “I don’t want them.”

Ye Qingran was very nice. “Then, shall I introduce you to someone else?”

Monet glared at Chu Yan with resentment and pouted at Ye Qingran. “I want to be your fake girlfriend, too.”

“I have enough fake girlfriends… and I don’t even need one in a few days. I’m going to break up with them all. Besides, if you were my girlfriend, what would my boyfriend think? I can’t agree.”

“That’s true…” She blurted out.

As she cast another resentful glance toward Chu Yan, she suddenly realized what she had said. She immediately shook her head. “No, no, you can agree. You already have four girlfriends and it’s no big deal to have one more.”

Ye Qingran did not reply to her. Instead, he said, “Nainai, my boyfriend is hungry. I’ll go and have dinner with him.”

Mo Nainai glared at Chu Yan once again with bitterness. Then, she asked Qingran flirtatiously, “What about me?”

Chu Yan, who had received countless resentful glances from her, was speechless

Because of Ye Qingran, he had become a gay.

And because of Ye Qingran, he had received resentment and jealousy from girls.

Ye Qingran’s charm was even greater than his.

She was trouble! !

Ye Qingran said, “Go back to your father. I’ll treat you to a meal this weekend.”

Mo Nainai was silent.

Eat my *ss. The man I like has been stolen by another man.

How can I have the appetite to eat?

Wait, maybe I can snatch Ye Qingran back when we eat.

Mo Nainai put away the desolate feeling and raised her little finger. “Pinky swear, don’t go back on your word, or one meal will turn into ten meals.”


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