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Long Junyao’s face was so cold that water vapour could condense on his face. He said in a stern tone, “You’re begging to die!”

Ye Qingran’s eyes turned slightly, but her face was still full of smiles. “I was kind enough to bless you. How is it that begging to die? Don’t tell me you like people cursing you instead?”

The bright lights in the room fell on her face that was slightly tilted upwards. Her fair skin was as clear as jade. It was flawless, giving off a particularly pure feeling.

Her gaze was like a pure gem, shining brightly.

She looked at Long Junyao with a half-smile. She was unruly and untamed, with a hint of provocation and ridicule.

Long Junyao was stunned.

How could this boy look as beautiful as a woman?

“I don’t like to court death, so I’ve always kept a low profile. That’s because I know that when a person is too arrogant, he will pay the price for his arrogance sooner or later, and no one would even know how he died.” Ye Qingran said with a smile. She smiled sarcastically and continued, “Just like…you, Mr Long.”

Long Junyao stared at her coldly. His face became even more gloomy. “You’re really shameless!”

He used his eyes to signal the people next to him to make a move.

Ye Qingran reacted quickly and dodged the people on her right in an instant. Then, she threw a fierce punch.

Long Junyao brought more than a dozen men with him. Some of them were very skilled and received professional training.

They could not be compared to those hooligans on the street.

Ye Qingran was obviously having some difficulty.

She was unable to defend in time and was hit in the face by a sneak attack.

If this continued, she would be crippled even if she was not killed.

Ye Qingran took a few steps back and threw a bomb. “Long Junyao, what do you think will happen if everyone knows the secret of the Dragon Palace?”

Long Junyao looked at Ye Qingran with cold eyes.

His expression did not change, but his heart skipped a beat.

He immediately recalled the day when Ye Qingran and Dongfang Yu bet on red wine. When Mu Qingxue and Dongfang Yu were dancing, Ye Qingran stared at the hidden camera.

At that time, he suspected that Ye Qingran had discovered something.

But soon, Ye Qingran looked away as if nothing had happened.

After that, there was no movement.

He thought that he was overthinking it, but now it seemed that Ye Qingran had indeed discovered something.

Damn it!

Long Junyao hesitated for a moment and said, “Stop.”

Everyone immediately stopped attacking Ye Qingran.

Ye Qingran heaved a sigh of relief. She held the club with one hand and rubbed her face with the other. Her face was a little painful, and it should be swollen.

Fortunately, she had managed to move her head quickly and dodge some of the force.

Otherwise, her teeth would have been knocked out.

Ye Qingran’s eyes were cold. She looked at long Junyao with a puzzled face and asked, “

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