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Chapter 94: She Wants to Go Fishing

Ye Qingran returned to the Ye residence just as Lin Shu’er was about to leave.

“Qingran, why did you suddenly come back?” Lin Shu’er put down the bag in her hand and pulled Ye Qingran to sit on the sofa. “Why didn’t you inform me in advance? Mommy has an appointment, so I can only sit with you for a while.”

“An appointment with Dina?” Ye Qingran asked.

“That’s right, I’m from Jiang City, and she came all the way here, so I definitely have to act as a host and greet her properly.”

“Hasn’t she been here for a while already? She still needs you to entertain her? Could it be that you paid for all of her meals and expenses in Jiang City?”

“She has helped me so much, I definitely have to thank her properly.”

As Lin Shu’er spoke, she restrained her smile.

She said in a deep voice, “You are still young. There are some things that you don’t understand. On the surface, everyone looks the same, but that’s not always the case. Some people were born with good lives. Mother only wants to give you the best.”

Originally, her daughter should have been pampered and spoiled.

She should have been protected like a flower in the palm of her hand.

But at that time, in order to marry into the Ye family, she had to raise her daughter as a son.

For so many years, she felt extremely guilty.

But she didn’t know how to restore her daughter’s identity without being chased out of the Ye family.

She wanted to enter that circle and find the best man in Jiang City.

She hoped that in the future, when her daughter returned to her female identity, he wouldn’t care about her pretending to be a man.

And in the future, he could give her happiness.

Lin Shu’er said, “This is just the beginning. When mommy is more familiar with them, I will definitely bring you there often.”

Ye Qingran did not understand what Lin Shu’er meant.

Everyday, people would say that everyone is equal.

However, societal class was invisible.

It could not be seen or touched, but it was real.

She asked, “Tell me everything that happened after you met that Dina. Also, did you sign any contracts between the two of you? If so, show me all the contracts.”

Lin Shu’er looked at her in confusion. “Why?”

Ye Qingran did not tell her immediately. Instead, she asked, “Do you want to divorce Ye Jun?”

Lin Shu’er immediately shook her head. “Of course not.”

Ye Qingran said, “If you don’t want to, then you’d better pretend to be sick for the next month and try not to meet Dina.”

Lin Shu’er looked at Ye Qingran and realized that her daughter was standing with her back against the light, with a cold and serious countenance.

She had never seen such a side of her daughter in all these years.

It seemed like something big had happened, and her heart tightened.

She only hesitated for a moment before nodding. She led Ye Qingran upstairs and showed her the contract.

Ye Qingran too

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