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Century Royal Forest was a famous high-end residential area in Jiang City. It was a gathering place for wealthy businessmen or elites. Those who could live here were almost all important figures.

Just like the Chu residence, it seemed remote, but the management of the residential area was very strict.

Security was also very tight.

Ye Qingran stood at the door and looked at the small villa in front of her, a little confused.

She had always thought that Chu Yan would rent a small apartment with a room and a living room for her to use.

She had never thought that she would move to such a high-end residential area and live directly in a villa.

However, it was a little far from the school. In the future, she would have to get up an hour earlier to go to school.

After following Chu Yan into the villa, she found traces of activity in the room. She could not help but blurt out, “Is this your house?”

“Sort of. I stay here occasionally.” It was not that he had not thought of renting an apartment for Ye Qingran, but it was very dangerous for a minor to live alone outside.

After thinking for a moment, he still arranged for her to stay here.

The room was empty anyway.

“If you say that you often don’t go home, do you always stay here when you don’t go back?”


“Oh, a crafty rabbit has three burrows?” Ye Qingran teased.

“It’s just convenient.” Chu Yan knocked Ye Qingran on the head. “What are you thinking about all day long?”

Ye Qingran shook her head and made a face at him. Then, she began to tour the room.

Unlike the warmth of the Chu residence, the main part of the villa was made up of black and white rings. It was very similar to the style of her room. As she walked in it, it was as if she had not entered a book. It felt like she was in her own home, and she felt very relaxed. It was very comfortable.

She liked this place very much.

Ye Qingran smiled and looked at Chu Yan as she asked, “Brother, you’ve been so good to me and lent me your home. How should I repay you? Should I give you my body, or should I give you my body?”

Chu Yan looked at her indifferently. “I only like women.”

Ye Qingran let out a long ‘Oh’. “So you like women. How many women have you had?”

It did not seem like a big deal for men to ask such questions, but Chu Yan felt uncomfortable all over.

“Kid, don’t be so curious.”

“I’m not curious. I just want to say that I have a lot of experience in picking up girls. If you need, I can teach you a few moves. I’ll definitely help you get a beauty back.”

The words ‘a lot of experience’ sounded exceptionally harsh to Chu Yan’s ears.

How old was this child? He was not even eighteen yet, but he already looked like he had seen countless beauties. If he was any older, it would be a big deal. He had to be properly disciplined.

“It’s not just Ruoruo. You should break up with all your girlfriends. At your age, you should study hard and not fall in

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