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Chapter 81: She Had to Protect The Handsome Guy

Chu Yan raised his eyebrows. “You didn’t even rub it. How would you know that I don’t like it? Who knows, I might even like it if you rub my back.”

Ye Qingran:”…”

Chu Yan continued, “Didn’t you just say that we’re all men? It’s very normal for men to enter the bathhouse and rub their backs.”

Ye Qingran:”…”

It didn’t matter if they rubbed each other’s backs.

But the men in the bathhouse were shirtless.

There was no way she could learn from that.

Ye Qingran smiled, she said nonchalantly, “Of course. It’s normal for men to go to the bathhouse together for free, but I’m really tired today. You don’t know what happened today. Brother, let me tell you, I almost couldn’t come back to see you today. Fortunately, He Cizhou appeared in time.”

The smile in Chu Yan’s eyes deepened when he saw how exaggerated her acting was.

How could he not know that Ye Qingran was deliberately changing the topic?

At first, he was just teasing Ye Qingran. In addition, he wanted to know why Ye Qingran came back with He Cizhou.

As she wished, he followed her words and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m not going back to the Ye family today. I received a call from my second brother…”

Ye Qingran secretly heaved a sigh of relief and briefly explained the situation. Then, she patted her chest and asked with lingering fear, “Don’t you think it was so thrilled?”

Chu Yan’s expression did not change.

He didn’t think it was based on his understanding of Ye Qingran.

Ye Qingran would not go alone to save Song Ye if she was not confident.

Instead, he felt that even if He Cizhou did not go, Ye Qingran would be able to solve it herself.

However, today was very dangerous.

He said in a more serious tone, “Next time when you encounter something like this, give me a call in advance.”

Ye Qingran smiled. “Brother, you’re so kind. You scared me to death today.”

Chu Yan said, “I see that you’re very bold and ruthless. You like to risk your life.”

Ye Qingran waved her hand and said fearfully, “How is that possible? I only have one life. I haven’t even flirted with a hundred girls. Of course, I have to be more careful.”

Chu Yan:”…”

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Chu Yan pressed his phone and a wall in the study room turned into a display screen. On the screen was the scene at the entrance of the small villa.

Ye Qingran saw the person outside the door and was surprised. Her eyes widened. “How could it be her?”

Mu Qingxue.

Why did she ring the doorbell? Who was she looking for?

Ye Qingran looked at Chu Yan. “Looking for you?”

Chu Yan replied coldly, “She was your classmate, of course, she is looking for you.”

He immediately turned off the screen. It was obvious that he did not want to bother with her.

Since Chu Yan did not want to go, Ye Qingran had to go. Otherwise, the doorbell would have been ringing the whole time.


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