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Ye Qingran looked at Monet who had followed her out. “I’m fine. Don’t follow me.”

She unlocked her phone and opened the car-hailing app.

Monet saw it and waved the car keys in her hand. “I have a car. Where do you want to go? I’ll give you a ride.”

Ye Qingran refused. “Forget it. I don’t want your father to think that I eloped with his daughter.”

Monet smiled generously and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll give you a ride. I am not asking you to give yourself to me.”

She pushed Ye Qingran straight to her car. “Hurry up and get in the car. Don’t be dawdled.”

Ye Qingran asked, “The banquet hasn’t officially started yet. Are you sure you want to leave?”

Monet said, “The main reason I came today is because of you. Since you’re leaving, there’s no point for me to stay. Tell me, where are you going?”

Ye Qingran said, “Film studio.”

Monet said, “No problem.”

Both of them got into the car and were about to drive away when the backseat door was pulled open.

Ye Qingran turned around and saw Ye Chenfeng.

She curled her lips and teased, “Didn’t you just say that you don’t have a good relationship with your second brother? If something happens to him, then so be it. In any case, never expect you to go over and save him.”

Ye Chenfeng replied arrogantly, “Of course, it’s not my fault if something happens to him. However, if something happens to him and it causes the Ye family to lose face, then it has something to do with me. Besides, I’m only going over to take a look. I don’t want both of you to make Ye family lost its face.”

Ye Qingran raised her eyebrows and smiled. She looked at Monet and said, “Let’s go.”


Although Monet was a girl, she liked to drive fast.

The speed of the car was very fast. It would probably take less than an hour to reach the film studio.

Along the way, Ye Qingran was thinking about the original novel, “Lian Xue”, and the plot of Song Ye.

The incident today had never happened in the original novel, and there was no similar plot.

Of course, it could have happened, but it was not written.

After all, Song Ye was only a supporting character.

In the original novel of [ Lian Xue ], Song Ye was unknown at that time.

But two months later, the ancient immortal drama in which he acted was very popular.

He played a supporting character as a villain. But with his looks and acting skills, he attracted a large number of fans.

Although his popularity couldn’t be compared to those popular celebrities, he was being invited for many dramas and he even received the male lead’s script directly.

It was during the filming of his first male lead drama that he offended a big shot in the industry, causing him to be banned directly.

This big shot was the man of the male lead.

And at this time, under the combined attack of several big male leads, the Ye group was on the verge of collapse.

They had no way to help him.

Song Ye had no choice but

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