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Chapter 111: Her Secret was Revealed

When the news of Ye Qingran’s first place was announced, 80% of the people in the school felt like they had travelled through time.

That was Ye Useless!

He had gotten first place in the mathematics competition. He was not the last place, but the first place.

It was not the first prize, but the first place.

What kind of concept was that? It was a position that many top students could not reach, but Ye Qingran had gotten it.

Was there no trickiness about this?

On the school’s Honor Hall, Ye Qingran’s name and results were published in large red letters.

The total score was 120 points, but Ye Qingran achieved 119.2 points.

The school’s website was exploding.

“I suspect that Ye Qingran was an awesome top student in the past, but he didn’t take the test. Otherwise, how could he get the first place just because he wants to do so?”

“I’ve decided that in the future, I won’t worship other gods of studying anymore. I’ll worship Ye Qingran, to get whatever place I want.”

“I hope that I can be like Ye Qingran and suddenly jump from the last place to first place.”

“Comments above, don’t think about it anymore. Hurry up and read your books to improve your results. Sigh, life is so hopeless.”


Some people were sad.

Some people were envious.

Some people sighed.

But this time was different from the last time. No one suspected that the grades were fake or that Ye Qingran was cheating.

People were even honoured because Ye Qingran took first place and won glory for the school.

The class teacher felt like he was in a dream.

He gave Ye Jun a call as he was holding the trophy and certificate.

Ye Jun heard the class teacher say that Ye Qingran took first place in the competition and was stunned for a long time.

Then, he asked in a doubtful tone, “Teacher, are you sure it’s Ye Qingran? Could it be that he has the same name and surname? This Ye Qingran is not the same.”

The class teacher felt that he had found a soulmate.

When he found out, he thought the same. “No, no, no. I’ve got someone to check it a few times. There’s no mistake. It’s Our Ye Qingran, not the other Ye Qingran.”

Ye Jun was on the verge of tears. “She really got the first place.”

The class teacher could not control her excitement. “That’s right, she’s in the first place. The trophy and certificate are with me. I was just about to give it to Ye Qingran.”

“No, no, you don’t have to give it to him. I’ll come over to get it.”

After Ye Jun said that, he hung up the phone.

He came to school. Not only did he come to school.

He even brought over a dozen of fruit baskets, as if he was a nouveau riche who had come to the town hall to give gifts.

He took the fruit to his teacher and handed it to him. “Thank you, teacher. You’ve worked hard.”

Ye Qingran was facepalmed. She could not look at him.

That was not enough. In the end, he even got

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