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Chapter 90: She was Tricked

Chu Yan did not reply to Ye Qingran. But when they came to the intersection, he drove straight forward instead making a turn. After that, he said slowly, “I forgot to turn left.”

Ye Qingran smiled. “It’s okay. There’s another intersection ahead that you can turn left, and it’s even closer.”

Chu Yan went silent.

Ye Qingran took out her phone and sent a message to Chu Ruoruo while keeping an eye on the road. When they came to the right intersection, she reminded Chu Yan to change lanes.

After making an appointment with Chu Ruoruo, Ye Qingran went online and browsed through the news. Only then did she realize that she had actually made it onto the trending searches.

She then opened WeChat.

Her friends had all sent her messages about it, some teasing her while others asking if it was true.

The chat groups were in an uproar because of this video. People who had been lurking also appeared.

Chu Yan heard the sound of the video and turned to look at her. He saw the video, too.

He said, “Last night, you said that you encountered a kidnapping on your way to the pharmacy and called the police. You did more than calling the police.”

“At that time, the situation was a little urgent. Two men were dragging the girl into the van. That was why I subdued them. At that time, a car parked by the side of the road and a girl was sitting in the car scared. I asked her to call the police. After the police came, I went on to the pharmacy.” Ye Qingran guessed that the video must have been shot by the girl hiding in the car.

Shor videos were popular in this era and people took videos everywhere.

Chu Yan’s tone became serious. “It was very dangerous. You should have immediately called the police and told them the license plate number of the van. They’d stop this car at the next intersection and save this girl.”

“It’s alright. Those few guys were nothing nothing to me.” Ye Qingran showed him the video and asked narcissistically, “Look at my moves. I’m very dashing, right?”

“Not very dashing, but extremely dashing.”

Ye Qingran said with a straight face, “Brother, how can you be so honest? We should be more modest.”

Chu Yan smiled.

Ye Qingran said, “Brother, I know you’re worried about me. Don’t worry. I knew what I was doing. If I couldn’t subdue them, I definitely would not rush out foolishly.”

Chu Yan glanced at her and opened his mouth, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

They soon picked up Chu Ruoruo.

When Chu Ruoruo received the message that Ye Qingran was coming to pick her up for hotpot, she jumped up happily.

After getting into the car, she started chattering non-stop. One moment she was talking about tutoring, the next she was talking about school. Naturally, she also brought up the matter of Ye Qingran being the trending topic.

“Ran, you’re so dashing and too charming.”

“It’s alright.”

“Ran, I really want to learn a few moves from yo

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