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Ye Qingran walked to the side of the road and a car drove over. The car window rolled down, revealing a charming face.

Lin Shu’er, the original owner’s mother.

Although she was over 40 years old, she took good care of herself. Time did not leave a trace on her face. Instead, it added a touch of charm to her, making her as beautiful as ever,

She went out with Ye Qingran.

Everyone who saw them said that they were not mother and son, but siblings.

Once Ye Qingran got into the car, Lin Shu’er hugged her and started crying.

“Baby, you scared me to death. When I found out that you were beaten by someone and even went to the hospital, I was extremely anxious.”

Ye Qingran was stunned.

Although she was the mother of the original owner, to Ye Qingran, she was just a stranger.

Being hugged by a stranger, Ye Qingran felt uncomfortable and immediately pushed her away.

Lin Shu’er, who was pushed away, explained aggrievedly. “Baby, are you angry that Mommy didn’t pick up your call? Mommy’s phone was taken away by your father’s assistant. Mommy has a bad memory and can’t remember your phone number. She was also threatened by your father and was not allowed to contact you. Otherwise, she would have to sever her relationship with you…”

In the original story of “Winter Love”.

Ye Jun had a total of three marriages.

His first wife died in an accident in a car accident, leaving behind a son, who was also the eldest son of the Ye family — Ye Hanzhi.

Ye Jun’s second marriage was a business marriage. His second wife was the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

Miss Xu had married Ye Jun for four years. Ye Jun brought back a four-year-old son from the outside world, who was the second son of the Ye family — Song Ye.

Ye Jun told Miss Xu that Song Ye was the son of his friend, and neither did he change Song Ye’s surname.

However, Miss Xu did not believe it. She believed that Ye Jun had cheated on her the year they got married and had an illegitimate child with someone else.

She forcefully divorced Ye Jun and left their son, who had just turned two years old then Ye Jun. That was the third son of the Ye family, Ye Chenfeng.

He needed someone to take care of the chd. Ye Jun asked his special assistant to find an employee from the CEO’s office to take care of the child with the nanny.

At that time, Lin Shu’er had just graduated and entered the Ye Group. She was arranged to take over the job.

She used this opportunity to get close to Ye Jun and had an one-night stand with him. She managed to strike jackpot.

Hence, she went from a small employee to becoming Ye Jun’s third wife and gave birth to the fourth son of the Ye family, Ye Qingran.

According to “Winter Love”, Lin Shu’er was a woman with extremely profound and shrewd methods.

As she followed Ye Jun around, she often heard Ye Jun and Mo Xiong scolding each other, saying that Mo Xiong’s daughter was a money-losing product.


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