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Chapter 93: She Wants to Do It Her Way

Ye Qingran called Lin Shu’er and asked her how she was doing.

Lin Shu’er was in a good mood and did not hide anything. She told her about the Australian woman and said happily, “Because of Dina, I am now a member of the Zephyr Society.”

Dina was the woman from Australia.

The Zephyr Society was a organization that was founded by a group of wealthy ladies.

This Zephyr Society represented the top circle of wealthy ladies in Jiang City.

The core circle of the wealthy ladies.

The society would often hold various charity parties, auctions, public welfare activities, etc.

To make it sound nice, it was for charity.

In reality, it was a place for wealthy ladies to show off their wealth.

Before this, Lin Shu’er had always wanted to enter.

However, Lin Shu’er came from an ordinary background.

Moreover, she was Ye Jun’s third wife. Also, Ye Jun’s second wife came from a powerful family and was on good terms with those wealthy ladies.

Therefore, those wealthy ladies looked down on her.

Therefore, Lin Shu’er had never truly entered the circle of wealthy ladies in Jiang City.

Because of this, Lin Shu’er had always felt inferior.

From Lin Shu’er’s circle of friends over the past few days, it was clear that she was already familiar with this group of wealthy ladies.

And all of this was because of that woman from Australia, Dina.

Ye Qingran asked, “Now, that group of ladies have accepted you.”

The corners of Lin Shu’er’s mouth curled up into a smug smile. “That’s right. The Dina family is an international aristocratic family. They know that my relationship with Dina is good, so they all came to curry favor with me. They even wanted to use me to join Dina’s Mi Foundation.”

Ye Qingran asked, “Is Dina’s Mi Foundation very difficult to get into?”

Lin Shu’er replied, “Of course it’s difficult to get into. To join the Mi Foundation, you have to first become a member. Normally, to become a member, you have to pay 10 million in advance. However, you can get double returns on this 10 million capital. After becoming a member, based on the amount of money you put into the foundation, you can be assigned into bronze, silver, gold, and top-tier VIP. Only top-tier VIPs can attend the banquet of an international aristocratic family.”

Ye Qingran asked, “So, you’ve already paid 10 million in advance and become a member?”

Lin Shu’er replied, “That’s right. I’ve already paid 10 million for this year, but in just a few days, my 10 million has already recovered and I’ve even earned another 10 million. I’m prepared to invest another 50 million in two days.”

Ye Qingran frowned. “This year? 10 million in advance, just this year?”

Lin Shu’er said, “The minimum is 10 million in advance every year. Otherwise, you’ll be kicked out of the Mi Foundation.”

Ye Qingran: “…”

What kind of foundation was this?

Was it really not a just a pyramid sch

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