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She went to the competition class in the afternoon. Just as she sat down, she was called to the office by the mathematics teacher.

The teacher handed an exercise book to Ye Qingran. “You didn’t come yesterday. This is yours. Do the exercises in it and figure out new ways to solve the problems. 80% of the problems of the math competition come from this book. As long as you can apply the knowledge to practice, you will definitely achieve good results in the competition.”

Ye Qingran was stunned for a moment. “Competition? What competition?”

“Of course, it’s the provincial and national mathematics competitions,” the teacher explained in a good-natured manner. “Don’t tell me that you don’t you know what the competition class is for.”

Ye Qingran coughed lightly.

She smiled and said, “I know. It’s just that with my grades are not good enough for me to participate in the competition. After all, my grades are among the worst in the class. I got good marks in the last test because the ten problems questions happened to be the the ones that I’m familiar with. If I enter the competition, I will lose miserably.”

“Don’t worry. I know you’re good. You just need to follow my instructions.” The teacher pointed at the exercise book. “Work on this and you definitely won’t do worse than the top students in the class.”

There were indeed only ten problems in the last test.

But through the test, she could see this child had a strong logical thinking ability and a unique way of solving problems.

In the past, her grades were poor because he had not studied hard, but from the results of the recent exams, it was not too late.

With proper chaining, he’d excel in math. So she had specially designed an exercise book for the child.

This was also the reason why she had summoned Ye Qingran to her office.

Ye Qingran looked troubled. “But Ma’am, I don’t want to go.”

She seriously suspected that Ye Jun had spent money to buy this spot.

Of course, she indeed did not want to go.

With several doctorate degrees, she felt ashamed to compete with a group of middle school students.

The math teacher asked, “Why don’t you want to go?”

Ye Qingran smiled. “With my past results, if I do well, people will suspect me of cheating. If I don’t do well, they will say that I disgrace the school. I’ll gain nothing from it anyway.”

The math teacher did not know what to say. After all, every student in the competition class were working hard to get this opportunity.

Now that she offered it to him in advance, he actually declined it.

Angry and amused at the same time, she said, “Gain nothing? The most important thing for you right now is to study hard, get high marks, and do well in the competition. It will be helpful when you apply for college. Let me tell you, you must study hard and participate in it. If I find out that you’re lazy, I’ll make you do thirty exercise books during the winter break.”

Ye Qingran was shock

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