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Ye Qingran looked as if she had not heard what they had said.

The students who had been muttering went silent.

After all, few of them dared to offend Ye Qingran.

When Hua Chi saw that Ye Qingran remained quiet, he thought that she was ashamed.

He could not help but stab her. “A good-for-nothing like you actually come to the competition room. If I were you, I would quit now so I wouldn’t humiliate myself.”

Ye Qingran turned to look at him. “Thank you for your reminder.”

Hua Chi was stunned. “Who reminded you?”

Ye Qingran sneered. “Weren’t you reminding me that your face is itchy and it’s time for me to slap your face to stop the itch?”

Hua Chi was furious. His face turned red and then white, looking ugly.

He gritted his teeth and said harshly, “Then just wait and see.”

“See what? Don’t look at me with that ugly face of yours. If you want to look, you should look at Mu Qingxue who’s sitting beside you.” Ye Qingran raised her eyebrows and the corners of her lips curled up in a sneer.

Mu Qingxue’s face darkened. “What does it have to do with me?”

Why did the guy have to mess with a woman? He really did not have any manners at all.

Ye Qingran said meaningfully, “Some people think that by hiding behind others, no one will know how dirty they are. But they will eventually get what they deserve.”

Mu Qingxue’s face turned red and then white.

She pouted with tears in her eyes. “Ye Qingran, you’re going too far.”

Other people spoke up for her, accusing Ye Qingran for going too far.

Hua Chi felt guilty, thinking that he had implicated Mu Qingxue. He stared at Ye Qingran furiously.

At that moment, the math teacher walked in.

She stood on the podium and asked the class monitor to hand out the test papers. “Twenty minutes. Hand it in when you’re done.”

As she spoke, her gaze swept across the class.

When she saw Ye Qingran sitting in the last row, her face darkened slightly. She was extremely unhappy that someone entered the class through connections.

At this moment, Ye Qingran was sitting there lazily, which made the teacher even angrier.

She could not help but lash out loudly, “Without good grades and not attentive in class, what are you doing here?”

The moment she said this, the students who had been absent-minded immediately sat up straight.

“Don’t be smug even if your grades are good, especially those who think that they can rest easy after doing well in one exam. If you fail the test, then get out of the class.”

Mu Qingxue, Hua Chi, and some other students sneered at Ye Qingran.

Sure enough, the teachers hated students who entered the class through connections.

Ye Qingran was going to get lost this time!

The test was one page with ten problems on it, and each problem had ten marks.

Although the problems were not all equations, there were multiple choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions, but they were verydifficulty.

It was

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