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“The last time we had dinner, it was because Monet pestered me and insisted me to be his boyfriend. Even if I had four girlfriends, she still wanted to be the fifth. At that moment, Chu Yan appeared. I had an idea and pulled Chu Yan along to lie to her, saying that I liked a man. This was a lie to Monet.”

Ye Qingran said a lot, but He Cizhou remained unmoved.

He said four words meaningfully, “I understand.”

Ye Qingran broke into a sweat. “You don’t believe me? Then let’s go back and ask Chu Yan after we have supper.”

He Cizhou refused. “If he knows that I know his big secret, what then?”

Ye Qingran said, “If you don’t go, I’ll tell him that you know about it. He still needs to know. You have to believe me. That day, I was really in a rush.”

She did not care. Moreover, she could not wait for it.

However, Chu Yan would definitely not like it. This might affect their current relationship. It was better to forget about it.

He Cizhou thought about it and agreed. He nodded. “Alright, I’ll go back with you to ask him later.”

When Ye Qingran came out, she bumped into Chu Yan.

Chu Yan was staying in the small villa tonight. When they went back, Chu Yan was in the study room.

Chu Yan was a little surprised when both of them appeared together.

He put down the document in his hand and leaned back on the chair to look at the two of them.

Ye Qingran sat down on the chair opposite him and asked directly, “Brother, do you remember the last time I met Monet at dinner? I couldn’t refuse her. In a moment of desperation, I asked you to pretend to be my boyfriend to help me out?”

Chu Yan remained calm. “What do you want to say?”

He Cizhou’s inquisitive gaze moved back and forth between the two of them.”…”

Ye Qingran raised her hand and gestured two times. “I’ll tell you two news first. One is good news and the other is bad news. which news do you prefer to hear first?”

Chu Yan said indifferently, “I’ll tell whatever you want me to tell .”

Ye Qingran said, “Then I’ll tell you the good news first. The good news is that Monet, who pestered me the last time, finally stopped asking me to be his boyfriend. She gave up on me. Moreover, she was interested in He Cizhou.”

Chu Yan curled his lips and looked at He Cizhou with a mocking gaze. “Congratulations.”

He Cizhou handsomely flicked his hair. “I can’t help it. I don’t want too many of these little girls who worship me and fall in love with me at first sight. Sometimes, I’m quite distressed, but what can I do? Who asked me to be so outstanding and charming?”

Ye Qingran: “Uh…”

He Cizhou was so self-satisfied.

He said himself as outstanding and charming in front of Chu Yan.


She continued, “The bad news is that Monet told He Cizhou about the last time she met us. He Cizhou now mistook you as my boyfriend…”

Chu Yan suddenly spoke and cut off the rest of her sentence. “Am I not your boyfriend?”

Ye Qingran loo

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