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Monet looked at him. “Dad, but didn’t you tell me before that you had 17 girlfriends before you married my mother? In the end, you found out that my mother was the most understanding person, so you married her. I believe that Ye Qingran will be the same as you. In the end, he will think that I’m the most suitable.”

Mo Xiong wanted to slap himself in the face.”…”

Monet continued, “Look at you, the prodigal son. Now that you’re so in love with my mother, my sisters and I are envious. We all hope to find a man like Father.”

Mo Xiong felt his hair was about to explode.

If he knew that he had found more than a dozen girlfriends and it would affect his daughter, he would never behave like this even if he was beaten to death.

He wanted to reprimand her.

However, Monet’s words made him speechless.

Ye Qingran braced herself and said, “Your father is just a playboy, but I’m different from your father. Not only am I a playboy, but I’m also a bad person. Not only am I despicable and shameless, but I have no bottom line. If you’re with me, you’ll be deceived by me. Moreover, when I lose my temper, I’m a pervert, the kind that will take you all to climb mountains.”

When she said this, the father and daughter of the Mo family were dumbfounded.

Mo Xiong immediately pulled Monet out. “Go, go, go, leave now .”

Regardless of whether Monet agreed or not, he pulled her out forcefully.

Madam Mo walked over. “What’s wrong? You’ve been in the lounge for so long.”

Mo Xiong said angrily, “Look at you, you only know how to dote on your daughter. Look at how you’ve spoiled her!”

Madam Mo:”…”

Who doted on his daughter, who spoiled her, and why was she suddenly be the scapegoat?

Mo Xiong: “When we go back, you must teach our daughter a good lesson. You must let her know how to protect herself. Not every man is a good man. Ye Qingran is a pervert. She absolutely can not be together with him.”

Madam Mo muttered softly, “We’ve watched Qingran grow up since he was young. This child loves to play, but he’s a kind person. How can you talk bad about him like that?”

“I didn’t say that. He said it himself.”


“The child can’t be spoiled like this anymore. She must be taught a good lesson!”

Madam Mo sighed. It seemed like he was really angry this time.

At this moment, Monet’s soft voice sounded, “Daddy, no matter what kind of man it is, I love you the most. Don’t be angry, okay?”

Mo Xiong’s face instantly turned bright.

He was so happy that tears were about to flow down his cheeks. “Aiya, I knew that our three babies are the most thoughtful. I didn’t mean to yell at you just now, I was just worried about you.”

“I knew that Daddy loves me the most.”

Madam Mo facepalmed.”…”

As expected, it was still the same.

After Ye Jun knew Ye Qingran was talking about himself as a pervert, he could not control his anger and went to the lounge again to teach Ye Qingran a lesson. “What

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