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Ye Qingran was calm and composed, completely ignoring Mu Qingxue.

Whether she did well in the exam or not, whether her score would be shameful, there was no need to talk about it with irrelevant people.

The invigilator stood on the stage, handing out the exam papers and emphasizing instructions at the same time.

They were only allowed to leave the exam venue 45 minutes after the start of the exam. They were not allowed to cheat in the exam, and if they were caught, they would be punished. They were also not allowed to go to the bathroom or anywhere else in the middle of the exam.

After Ye Qingran received the exam paper, she looked at the questions, and the corners of her mouth curled up into a faint smile.

Because these questions were not very difficult.

But the other students all frowned.

The classroom was very quiet, and only the rustling of pens could be heard.

There were not many questions, and in this kind of competition, they were all tricky big questions.

If they could write, they would be able to finish the exam paper very quickly.

Therefore, Ye Qingran did not feel any pressure. She quickly wrote down the answers to all the questions.

After she finished writing, she checked again.

It was still early. It was not the time for her to leave the examination room.

Ye Qingran was a little bored. She held her chin with one hand and spun the pen with the other.

Mu Qingxue, who was beside her, glanced at Ye Qingran and sneered.

As expected, she did not know how to do the questions and was just here to fool around.

Mu Qingxue continued to write the questions and realized that Ye Qingran was still maintaining the same posture and was still looking at her.

She was suddenly a little angry.

She only felt that Ye Qingran did it on purpose. She could not do the questions, so she came to disturb her so that she could not concentrate on working through the questions.

Mu Qingxue could not calm down.

Ye Qingran deliberately set her up so that she could not survive in the entertainment industry.

She wanted to study hard, but Ye Qingran deliberately disturbed her. This Ye Qingran was really the most vicious person in the world that she had ever met.

At this moment, her hatred for Ye Qingran had reached a new high point.

She felt that if she did not do something, she would definitely be harmed by Ye Qingran.

She looked at Ye Qingran angrily with resentment.

Ye Qingran noticed her gaze and subconsciously looked at her with a cold and frosty gaze.

Mu Qingxue and Ye Qingran looked at each other coldly and did not back down at all.

She glanced at the invigilator who was getting closer and closer to them.

Suddenly, Mu Qingxue had an idea. It was a little trick that could make Ye Qingran stay away from her and not disturb her during the examination.

“Ye Qingran, I won’t copy it for you,” Mu Qingxue suddenly said.

Her voice was very, very soft, as

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