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Dongfang Yu gently patted her back and comforted her in a low voice. However, his heart was filled with a destructive rage. That damned Ye Qingran, he would definitely make sure that he died a horrible death.

This pair of lovers had completely ignored the Dongfang family’s chauffeur and had not left yet. He parked their car by the side of the road and watched everything.

Ye Qingran went all the way back to the classroom.

At the door of the classroom, a girl suddenly ran over with a dessert in her hand. She shouted at her, “Ye Qingran, I like you!”

The surrounding students screamed.

Everyone stared at them as if they were watching a good show.

Some people said that the girl was really brave. She knew that Ye Qingran already had four girlfriends, but she still dared to confess.

Some people also said that Ye Qingran was really awesome and was about to have a fifth girlfriend.

Ye Qingran was embarrassed.

She coughed lightly. “Classmate, don’t like me. I’m very bad.”

“I don’t care. If Brother’s goal is to become the king of the sea, I’m willing to become Brother’s fish. When I’m alive, I want to be Brother’s fish. WhenI’m dead, I want to be Brother’s canned fish. Even if I become a stinky fish, I still want to make Brother’s a good pot of soup.”

“This line is too familiar. You must have copied it from the Internet. That’s what people say when they’re chasing celebrities, not boyfriends. You definitely can’t find a boyfriend like this, do you understand!”

Ye Qingran returned the dessert to the girl and emphasized her refusal once more.

The girl was unwilling to accept it. Before she left, she even shouted, “Ye Qingran, I’ll always like you. I’ll wait for the day when you’re moved by me.”

Ever since Ye Qingran ranked 100th, her popularity had skyrocketed.

Not only did her reputation improve, but she also frequently encountered this kind of confession scene.

There were people online who even directly posted a prediction: who would be Ye Qingran’s fifth girlfriend?

Zixia even teased Ye Qingran, asking her how many days she could stay as her new favorite and when she could have a younger sister join the harem.

Ye Qingran looked at her and suddenly had an idea. She suddenly had a solution.

Zixia could pretend to be her girlfriend and ask her to break off the engagement.

Then, she could ask Zixia for help to chase away those suitors.

Zixia refused at first but agreed in the end.

She sent a message to her classmates in a group chat without any teachers. As her girlfriend, she warned everyone not to have any ideas about Ye Qingran.

However, this message did not attract much attention. It did not even reach the other class groups.

That was because that day, something even more important happened at the school.

Dongfang Yu’s mother came to the school and reported that Mu Qingxue seduced her son, causing a huge uproar.

Someone had posted a video. When D

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