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Long Junyao turned his head and saw He Cizhou. He was quite surprised by his appearance. Why did this business tycoon, who was rarely seen, appear here?

Did he know Ye Qingran?

Ye Qingran looked at He Cizhou and was also a little surprised. “Where’s Chu Yan?”

“He’s behind.” He Cizhou’s face was expressionless. His gaze fell on Long Junyao, and then back at Ye Qingran. “What’s going on?”

“Hello, CEO He. I’m Long Junyao.” Long Junyao’s tone was calm, but his heart was racing.

It seemed that He Cizhou and Ye Qingran didn’t just know each other, but also had a very good relationship.

Long Junyao said again, “I have some conflicts with Fourth Young Master Ye. Now that they have been resolved, I’ll take my leave first.”

He Cizhou’s background went very deep.

As the boss of the Dragon Palace, he could not afford to offend He Cizhou. That was how the business world was. When one was not strong enough, they could only endure and avoid when necessary.

But this Ye Qingran…

He would never let him off!

So what if he knew He Cizhou? There are no eternal friends in the business world. He did not believe that He Cizhou would still go against money for Ye Qingran.

Long Junyao’s body had just moved when another man walked in from outside. His was stopped in his tracks..

This is Chu Yan!

Long Junyao recalled that the financial company where Chu Yan was at seemed to be He Cizhou’s company.

It seemed that Ye Qingran’s relationship with He Cizhou and Chu Yan was not simple.

He Cizhou smiled at Chu Yan and looked like he was watching a good show. “There are so many people in your house.”

Chu Yan said, “Call the police directly.”

“Ah… Are you sure?” He Cizhou looked at Chu Yan in surprise.

“We’re living in a society ruled by law nowadays, so of course we have to call the police when people with unknown origins trespass into our house,” Chu Yan said as he entered the house. He saw Ye Qingran too.

Ye Qingran’s face was pale.

One side of her face was visible redness and swelling, while the other side was dark. Her small face looked colorful, and she was holding a golf club in her hand. It was obvious that she had gone through a fierce battle.

Chu Yan looked at Ye Qingran indifferently with his dark eyes. His expression was gloomy, and no one could tell his emotions.

He asked casually, “Were you beaten?”

Ye Qingran touched her face. “There are so many people. It’s normal that I can’t win, but fortunately, I didn’t suffer a loss.”

Chu Yan’s tone was harsh and filled with judgement. “You’re useless.”

“I’m one against dozens. It’s already pretty good that I only took one punch, and I’ve already returned the favor.” She looked at Long Junyao, hinting that the punch on Long Junyao’s face was her masterpiece.

However, Chu Yan only felt that Ye Qingran was trying desperate to save face.

“Your gift was too light, do you understand?” Chu Yan handed the dessert in his han

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