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Ye Qingran was speechless. The female lead was here again.

This law of female supporting role was everywhere.

Ye Qingran wanted to take Tang Tang away. After all, she knew that Tang Tang was Mu Qingxue’s stepping stone and cannon fodder. She wanted to take her far away from the female lead’s plot armour.

However, Tang Tang walked towards Mu Qingxue and asked her in a cold voice, “Who are you calling shameless?”

“I’m calling you shameless.”

“I’m too lazy to argue with a shameless person.”


Mu Qingxue was furious. She wanted to scold her back, but she saw a group of people standing around her.

Her thoughts changed.

She bit her lip and lowered her eyes.

When she looked at Tang Tang again, her eyes turned red, and tears fell. “I know you’re a celebrity, and you’re popular. I’m just a newbie, and I can only listen to you. But don’t go too far.”

Tang Tang suddenly flew into a rage and raised her hand to slap her.

Ye Qingran was shocked. Tang Tang was a smart little vixen just now. Why did she attack just like that?

She quickly went forward to pull Tang Tang away.

But it was too late. When she pulled Tang Tang away, her hand still accidentally touched Mu Qingxue’s face.

Ye Qingran saw that there were so many people around and thought to herself, this is bad.

After all, Tang Tang was a small celebrity. If this matter was blown up, she would be accused of bullying in the school.

In the original novel, she was provoked by Mu Qingxue and could not help but attack. She was bitten by Mu Qingxue and that was why she was attacked by the Internet.

In the end, she could not tolerate personal attacks and insults. She also did not want to implicate her family. That was why she chose to commit suicide.

She did not want Tang Tang to walk down this path again.

“I’m sorry, my hand did not listen to me and slipped.” Mu Qingxue was so scared that she closed her eyes again. Ye Qingran directly admitted that she was the one who hit her.

After all, she was not a celebrity and she did not work in the entertainment industry. Such small fights would not cause much trouble online.

Mu Qingxue did not expect Ye Qingran to hit her.

Even though it was only a touch on her face, it was enough to shock her.

Her eyes were red and her eyelashes were stained with tears. “Ye Qingran, are you still a man? How dare you hit a woman?”

Tang Tang was also shocked. She looked at Ye Qingran and then at her own hands. She was a little lost.

She did not know why she suddenly hit someone or why Ye Qingran wanted to help her take the blame.

Ye Qingran sneered when she heard that. “You also know that hitting someone’s face hurts? Then I’ll have to trouble you to not run your mouth so badly next time.”

Mu Qingxue said aggrievedly, “You hit someone, yet you still want to insult others. Do you really think that you’re the king of the world?”

Ye Qingran said, “I don’t dare. I’m just

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