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Ye Qingran guessed that maybe straight men hated being misunderstood as gay, which was why Chu Yan was unhappy.

She promised, “If I encounter such problem in the future, I’ll definitely not ask you for help.”

The door opened and He Cizhou walked in. “Eh, Little Friend, why are you here?”

Ye Qingran said with a sly smile, “I’ll ask Cizhou for help next time.”

She had been wondering why Chu Yan would come to eat alone and then He Cizhou came in. Indeed, no matter where he went, He Cizhou was always around.

He Cizhou sat down and asked curiously, “What help do you want from me?”

Ye Qingran smiled and said, “Nothing much. Come and have some tea.”

He Cizhou took a sip of tea and smiled, “Then what were you guys talking about just now?”

Ye Qingran also smiled but did not answer him directly, “Nothing much.”

He Cizhou obviously did not believe her.

He glanced at Chu Yan and then at Ye Qingran. His fingers stroked his chin and he said with a probing tone, “The more evasive your are, the more I feel that something big seemed to have happened when I wasn’t around.”

Ye Qingran replied, “No.”

Chu Yan looked at him sideways and said, “No.”

He Cizhou, “…”

He smiled with great curiosity. “Oh, you have such a tacit understanding.”

The waiter came in too take the order. He Cizhou did not continue to ask.

He glanced at the menu and ordered two dishes and a bottle of wine.

When the wine was served, He Cizhou poured a glass for Ye Qingran as well, with a calculating smile on his lips. “Little friend, it’s rare for us to have a meal together. We must have a good drink today.”

When Ye Qingran reached out to take the glass, Chu Yan took it before she did.

“You call him little friend but let him drink alcohol.”

“All men drink.”

“He’s underage. Don’t you know that?” Chu Yan said and snorted. “And he goes crazy when he gets drunk.”

Ye Qingran said, “… I don’t think that I went crazy, right?”

Chu Yan ignored her and looked at He Cizhou. “If you want to be kissed by him, then pour him another cup.”

He Cizhou shivered. “It’s the most terrifying thing when one is drunk and kiss people randomly. Forget it then. Little friend, drink some fruit juice.”

Ye Qingran, “…”

She was about to say something when her phone rang.

She picked it up and saw that it was a call from Lin Shu’er.

Ye Qingran excused herself and walked out with her phone.

In the room, He Cizhou leaned back in his chair and looked at Chu Yan with a playful expression. “I was wondering why you’d suddenly want to eat here.”

Chu Yan ignored him.

He Cizhou sighed. “Forget it. I guess you don’t even understand what’s going on.”

Chu Yan glanced at him with a cold face and asked, “What exactly are you trying to say?”

He Cizhou spread his hands and said with a somewhat obsequious smile, “Nothing. I just think that you’re quite like this younger brother who isn’t related to you by blood.”

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