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Ye Chenfeng, Song Ye, and the other two arrived at the hospital for a checkup.

They were lucky that although their injuries looked serious, those bruises and red marks, were just ordinary external injuries even they were bleeding.

Leng Xiao had some bottom lines.

He just wanted to vent his anger, but he did not intend to be ruthless.

Otherwise, these three would have to stay in the hospital for several months.

When they came out of the hospital, it was dark.

Song Ye looked at Ye Qingran and said apologetically, “Thank you for today.”

“You don’t need to be so polite with me.”

This was the first time Ye Qingran saw Song Ye in person.

Song Ye had an elegant aura around him. When he interacted with him, he always felt a sense of tranquillity that was different from the bustling city.

“I don’t really want to be polite with you,” Song Ye said gently and rubbed Ye Qingran’s little head.

Ye Qingran did not reject him. “After all this, you must be hungry. Let’s go have a meal together.”

Ye Chenfeng, who was beside them, watched their interaction. His eyes flashed with envy and jealousy.

Ye Qingran and Song Ye’s relationship was not much better than his. Why did they have to act like good brothers?

He was his damned third brother.

He replied sourly, “I’m not hungry.”

Song Ye turned his head and met his gaze.

He smiled faintly. “Third brother, if you’re not hungry, you can go back first.”

Ye Chenfeng:”…”

Song Ye looked at Ye Qingran again and said, “Fourth brother, I’ll treat you and your friends to dinner. No… it should be supper. I want to thank them properly.”

“Okay.” Ye Qingran nodded and looked at Ye Chenfeng. “You want to go back first?”

“Who said I want to go back first? If you’re not hungry, you can’t eat. So every time you eat, you’re always hungry?” Ye Chenfeng said unhappily.

Song Ye said, “Then let’s go together. It’s rare to see you didn’t scold the fourth brother for being playful. You didn’t scold him as ignorant, incompetent and the most useless person in our family.”

Ye Chenfeng:”…”


What was Song Ye talking about?

What did he mean by ‘rare’ that he didn’t scold Ye Qingran? He emphasized it because he wanted to say that he used to scold Ye Qingran every day when they met.

He only scolded her occasionally, not every time.

Ever since he was young, he had always thought that Song Ye was gentle and refined and that his smile was harmless. In reality, he was black-hearted, like a thousand-year-old fox.

As expected, he was right!

And he had no conscience at all. He just saved him, and now he was trying to sow discord between him and Ye Qingran.

When Ye Qingran saw Ye Chenfeng’s expression, she almost laughed out loud.

These two people had been in each other’s hearts since they were young.

They were easy to provoke.

She tried to smooth things over. “Then let’s go together, the third brother.”

When Ye Ch

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