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In the waiting room on the first floor.

Ye Jun and Mo Xiong stared at each other for a long time before they began their aggressive conversation.

Mo Xiong glared at Ye Jun…

He clenched his fists and looked like he was going to fight.

He warned, “I’m telling you, Ye Jun… Your Ye family wants my daughter. Don’t even talk about the door. There’s no dog hole. Do you believe that I’ll immediately terminate the cooperation?”

Ye Jun was not threatened by him at all.

He nodded repeatedly. “Alright. Hurry up and go back on your word. If you go back on your word, then this project will belong to me alone. I don’t believe that I won’t be able to find the money if I take the bid for this project. Just quit. I can’t wait for you to quit from it.”

Mo Xiong gritted his teeth. “You old brat. You are thinking about my family’s money all the time. When you can’t get it, you use your son with his appearance to cheat on us. Moreover, he’s your family’s worst son. You are dreaming!”

Out of the four sons of the Ye family, this fourth son was the most ridiculous.

He spent all his time eating, drinking, and having fun. Instead of studying properly, he played around with women.

Even if he had to die, he had to stop his daughter from falling into this fire pit.


Mo Xiong’s gaze swept past Ye Qingran and Monet who were beside him.

The way his daughter looked at Ye Qingran was affectionate.

This was not a joke, but she had taken a fancy to him.

Her taste was too bad!

Everyone had a rebellious heart. If he forced his daughter too much, it would only make things worse.

Therefore, he decided to take a roundabout route.

Mo Xiong held back his anger.

He smiled amiably when he faced Monet. “Daughter, how old is this kid this year? 17 or 18? But you’re already 20, and soon you’ll be 21. No matter what, both of you are not suitable at your age. Even if you want to marry into the Ye family, you should choose from the other three.”

He knew that his daughter would not be choosing the other two.

Moreover, women cared about their age very much. Using this to attack her would make her cower.

If the Ye family wanted to marry his daughter, it would be in the next life!

As expected, when Monet heard this, she curled her lips sadly.

She was hurt.

Ye Jun hurriedly said, “So what if he’s three years older? There’s an old saying that when a woman is three years older, she will hold onto a golden brick. In ancient times, people would like to look for a wife who was three years older. Only then would they be a perfect match and be happy.”

When Monet heard this, she was happy again.

She smiled at Mo Xiong. “Dad, I think it’s alright.”

Mo Xiong felt like his lungs were about to explode from anger. “How is it alright? Don’t mess around. Your father will decide your marriage.”

Monet retorted, “But dad, didn’t you say before that I will marry whoever I like in the future? It doesn’

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