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Chapter 88: Her Special Story

Ye Qingran looked at him. “Yes, brother?”

Chu Yan was silent for a moment and then said indifferently, “Nothing. Good night.”

Ye Qingran did not know why this cold and arrogant man looked so lonely today.

It made her heart ache.

She hesitated for a moment and then sat down beside him. “If you can’t sleep now, I’ll tell you a story, okay?”

Chu Yan was stunned for a moment and then nodded.

Ye Qingran smiled.

She thought for a moment before saying, “Then… I’ll tell you a somewhat special story. I read this story in a magazine.”

Chu Yan said, “Alright.”

Ye Qingran began the story softly, “There was once a family. It existence was like the legendary King Solomon’s treasure. It was a legend that many people fantasized about becoming rich overnight. However, it wasn’t a legend. It was a family that had been in existence for a hundred years. However, as time passed, the family began to decline due to lack of outstanding descendants.

“Like an old lion king, the family became the prey of strong tigers, leopards, and wolves who had just grown up. They eyed the Lion King from the dark and came out from time to time to harass him, waiting for the best opportunity to kill him and take over his territory.

“A little girl who was only three years old became the hope of the family. They hoped that she could replace the Lion King, protect their territory, and lead them back to the glory.”

As Ye Qingran spoke, she looked at Chu Yan and smiled.

Chu Yan felt it was a bitter smile.

He asked, “What happened later?”

Ye Qingran said, “This is a bedtime story. Can you close your eyes so that you can fall asleep while listening to it? Otherwise, I don’t know how long I will have to tell it. After all, this story is very short. It will be very tiring to make it long.”

Chu Yan felt dizzy and his stomach was still hurting.

He did not say anything and closed his eyes.

When Ye Qingran saw this, she continued, “The little girl was instilled with this thought since she was young. She was trained by them to be a perfect successor, a successor who must know everything, be proficient in everything, and be omnipotent. She must dabble in various industries, such as finance, oil, communications, technology, hotels, and so on. She could not have friends, nor could she love or hate. She must be rational at all times, maintain a clear mind, and make the correct choices. All the choices must be made based on financial gains instead of emotions.

“She once rebelled, but due to her rebellion, her closest person died. At that time, she knew that she had to be powerful. Otherwise, she would be a weak lion without claws and teeth and she would be eaten by those tigers, cheetahs, and wolves…”

She suddenly stopped.

She did not continue.

After a moment, she turned to look at Chu Yan. “The story is over.”

Chu Yan closed his eyes. His breathing was even, looking to be asleep

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