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Chapter 92: She’s Been Fantasized About!

Chu Ruoruo shuddered at the thought.

How could this be possible?

She shook her head immediately. It was impossible, absolutely impossible!

Anyone could be that scheming man, but her brother was definitely not a scheming man.

Her brother was a cold and aloof person, definitely more like a domineering person.

How could he have anything to do with seduction.

It’s said that most beautiful women were scheming and deceitful, this must be the case.

The two girls just now clearly saw a handsome pair, and just let their fantasies run wild.


Her own brother was cold and noble, whereas Brother Ran was beautiful and exquisite. The pair of them were truly like the handsome men found in romance novels.

One had to admit that at a glance, the two of them really were a good match.

It was no wonder that the two waitresses just now were fantasizing so much.

Chu Ruoruo returned to her seat, but she no longer had an appetite. Her mind kept thinking about what the two waitresses said just now.

Not only that, she also started fantasizing about funny situations.

For example, Ye Qingran suddenly tripped, and Chu Yan reached out to hug her, holding her in his arms while saying affectionately, “Did you trip?”

Or, if Chu Yan suddenly grabbed Ye Qingran’s hand and cornered her against a wall, before kissing her directly.

Or, if Ye Qingran was pressed under Chu Yan’s body and angrily say, “Get lost, I’m a man.” Then, Chu Yan would hold Ye Qingran’s chin and smile wickedly. “I like men.”

“Ruoruo, what are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about driving.”

Chu Ruoruo blurted out before quickly realizing what she said. She quickly continued, “I want to get a driver’s license, so I’m thinking about how to drive.”

As she said that, she laughed so hard that tears almost flowed from her eyes.

She was impressed with her own wit.

Ye Qingran looked at her sudden inexplicable laughter and felt extremely puzzled.

But she did not think too much about it and only said, “You can only drive when you’re 18. I will be 18 soon but there’s still two more months for you. You can still sign up and practice driving first, and when you reach 18 you can directly take the exam. ”

Chu Ruoruo replied, “Yes, I think so too. Brother Ran, why don’t we sign up and practice driving together?”

Oh my god, not only did she fantasize about her own brother together with Brother Ran.

She actually even thought that the two were very suited for each other.

Ye Qingran said, “I dont have much free time recently. I promised our math teacher to participate in the tournament.”

Chu Ruoruo nodded. “I know, you mentioned it before. But didn’t you also say that you wouldn’t participate?”

“I heard that if you score well in this tournament, you would be guaranteed a spot…” Ye Qingran told Chu Ruoruo about her plan.

Chu Ruoruo agreed and said with a

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