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Chapter 257: Sunfire Cape

‘These are the flames! This is the fire of the sun!’

The flames derived from the pure power of light might seem strange but were actually normal on second thought. Fire and light were inseparable. Even the fire and light in the One God religion were closely related. The strongest angel of the Only God religion was called a seraph, which meant ‘the burning one’. The weapon of the protector and the leader of the army of God—Archangel Michael—was none other than a scarlet flaming sword.

‘I was thinking of planting the Hibiscus Tree, but it seems like I don’t need it anymore. I already have the flame attribute.’

Lin Yao didn’t dawdle outside for too long. Wanting to know the exact changes in himself, he sank his mind into his Sea of Consciousness, observing the three sacred trees.

After a round of careful observation, Lin Yao discovered that the three sacred trees had all benefited from this epiphany.

However, as the Tree of Heaven Punishment and the Bodhi Tree were not that compatible with the sun, they had only benefited slightly.

The gains of the Tree of Heaven Punishment were higher than those of the Heavenly Thunder. When lightning struck a flammable object, there was a possibility of it causing a fire. If the Heavenly Thunder were to strike flammable items, flames would inevitably be produced, and this fire would be the Flame of Sun.

The gains of the Bodhi Tree were reflected on the golden cicada. Now, Cicada Chirp—Clear Sound could immerse one in the feeling of attending summer classes more easily. As for Cicada Chirp—Demonic Sound, its sound would make one feel as irritable and grumpy as if one had not had a drop of water after basking under the scorching, hot sun in the summer for an entire day.

Generally speaking, although the two sacred trees had improved, their improvements were very little.

As for the Celestial Tree, its changes were very drastic.

This epiphany had even changed the appearance of the Celestial Tree. The original Celestial Tree had been like a Tree of Light forged with platinum. Now, the entire tree still seemed as if it was made of platinum, but all the leaves looked like inextinguishable, golden flames. Even the angelic holy infant living at the top of the huge tree had undergone a transformation. A scarlet-and-gold Sunfire Sword had appeared in his little hand, and the angelic holy infant was holding it tightly in its arms.

Due to the drastic change in its appearance, naturally, the Celestial Tree’s attributes had also changed.

[Celestial Tree (Sunfire)]

[State: Growth Stage (100,000/1,000,000]

[Level: Gold Person (King Potential)]

[Talent 1 Body of Sun LV1: The host can now absorb sunlight (MAX LV) and store it in his cells. The host can use the stored sunlight to replace energy, physical strength, and energy consumption. At the same time, when there is an abundance of sunlight in the host’s cells, the host will obtain the tale

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