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Chapter 256: Visualizing The Huge Sun

“Don’t worry, Elder Wei. I won’t give up. Let’s forget about the Heaven and Earth Furnace. Can you teach me the Heaven and Earth Visualization and Rivers and Mountains Visualization?”

“Sure, come here.”

Seeing that Lin Yao did not turn to leave, Elder Wei happily led the way into a… high-tech room.

Yes, this room looked high-tech. It was not the simple meditation room that Lin Yao had imagined. There were pictures of heaven and earth hanging in it. A sci-fi room full of screens had appeared in front of Lin Yao. Elder Wei then handed a pair of VR glasses to him, signaling for him to put them on.

After putting them on, Lin Yao was dumbfounded when he noticed that the function of the VR glasses was very simple. They could not play videos, and their only function… was to display a satellite map!

‘This is not the transmission room that I had in mind!’

Lin Yao’s mood shifted up and down. After Elder Wei connected to the military’s Skynet via a series of passwords, Lin Yao found that he could watch the mountains and rivers of China through the VR glasses. Due to the development of technology, the satellite’s camera was very clear. Lin Yao even had an immersive feeling while watching the wonderful mountains and peaks through the VR glasses.

It was just that he had no intention of cultivating at all now. He was confused by the Heaven and Earth Dojo’s method of practicing Heaven and Earth Visualization through the VR glasses.

After a long while, his mood calmed down a little bit. Then, instead of visualizing China’s myriad of miles of rivers and mountains, he clicked on the sun column, wanting to look at the sun in space through the satellites.

The Heaven and Earth Dojo had a lot of authority. As Lin Yao clicked on his selection, his VR glasses suddenly changed. He saw a huge fireball that occupied his entire field of vision. It was said that one would feel broad-minded when looking at the sea. However, the vast ocean could not compare to the starry sky and the huge sun.

Lin Yao was able to observe the sun at close range through the satellite near the sun. He was completely shocked by the imposing and gigantic sun. His mind and consciousness were completely attracted by the huge sun.

While he was in awe, the Celestial Tree in his Sea of Consciousness suddenly swayed.

Although the holy light of the Celestial Tree was not pure sunlight, sunlight was the source of light. When Lin Yao stared directly at the source of light, his Celestial Tree could not help but tremble, the branches and leaves rustled, and strange changes were observed on the tree. At the same time, these changes were also reflected in Lin Yao’s body. The most conspicuous change was the sun pattern on his chest. The pattern seemed to be burning, as it bloomed with a bright light.

Lin Yao did not pay attention to the surroundings at all. All his consciousness was attracted and shrouded by the vastne

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