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Chapter 240: The Ancient Tree of Life and The Moon Well

“Even the military has degenerated.”

In response, the military representatives who had come coughed awkwardly. They had no choice. Building a good relationship with the legion commander was necessary. How could they possibly not work on this aspect upon discovering that Lin Yao had a thing for beauties?

Masking their embarrassment with coughs, the military representatives immediately steered away from the topic. “The two of them have been assigned to you. You can get them to call us if you need anything. Also, your resources are ready. Here’s the catalog you can browse. By the way, all your past rewards are also inside.”

“There’s no need. I’ve seen them all.”

Lin Yao had one opportunity to apply for diamond-level resources left. He also had one opportunity to apply for golden-level resources because of his military contribution.

He had the browsing authority and had been browsing the various interfaces for exchanges of items. However, he had never found what he wanted.

In response to Lin Yao, the military representative smiled. “It is best that you take a look, Mr. Lin.”

Upon seeing his smile, Lin Yao understood what he meant. The military personnel also had their own interests at heart. Some of the better items were only available for exchange internally, within the military personnel.

“I see. Thank you for the reminder.”

“It’s okay, we will be colleagues in the future.”

After conversing with him for a while more, that military representative was prepared to leave.

However, just as he turned around, Lin Yao suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said, “Please wait a moment.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Yes, I’m sure the military has an inspectorate, right?”

“Of course… But please don’t worry, Mr. Lin Yao. You have not yet officially joined the military troops. Also, as long as you don’t…”

The military representative thought Lin Yao was worried about being inspected. In response to this, Lin Yao quickly said, “It’s not what you think. I would like to get some help from this department.”


Upon seeing the puzzled expression of the military representative, Lin Yao told him what he planned to do.

“You’re aware that I have a foundation. I would like the inspectorate to step in and help me supervise my employees.”

The loss of charity funds had always been the main concern for Lin Yao. In order to spend the money in the right place and gain more energy points, Lin Yao was also going all out.

‘I don’t believe you guys will dare to be corrupted when the military inspectorate is involved.’

When he heard Lin Yao’s suggestion, the military representative who had come had only one thought in mind. ‘Mr. Lin Yao is really serious about doing charity work!’

While exclaiming, the military representatives sought advice from the higher-ups and soon approved Lin Yao’s request.

“The higher-ups have agreed

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