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Chapter 122: Thunderbolt Sword-Drawing Technique

[Thunderbolt Sword-Drawing Technique—Lightning Flash]

[Level: Gold]

[Description: Stimulate the body with thunder and lightning to increase one’s speed and strength and perform an ultimate flash attack.]

The Sword-Drawing Technique was Lin Yao’s most powerful offensive method at this stage, and it was also the swordsmanship he had always been practicing. After days of training, he had been able to reach the realm that allowed him to unleash the sword with his mind.

However, the simple Sword-Drawing Technique was only an iron-level technique after all. While the Flashing Sword-Drawing Technique might be strong, it was known for its weirdness and was not suitable for head-on combat. Therefore, in order to unleash his strongest ability, Lin Yao learned the Thunderbolt Sword-Drawing Technique.

He faced two challenges with this swordsmanship. One was the method of using thunderbolt to stimulate the body, and the other was being proficient in the sword-drawing moves. Lin Yao had overcome these two challenges a long time ago. Therefore, he only needed three days to advance from the beginner level and achieve real success for this technique. To him, it was like he had gotten used to frying rice, so it would not be difficult to fry noodles instead.

‘I will use this swordsmanship to confront the enemy tomorrow. I shall see how powerful it is.’

Lin Yao turned off the lights and went to sleep. He had gone through brain development and hence needed long hours of sleep to recover.

‘In addition to the changes to the body, the continuous electric shocks have accelerated my thinking speed so that it lasts as long as 15 seconds now…’

The night passed by quickly. The next day, Lin Yao woke up before the sun was up. After getting up, he did not go to exercise. Instead, he sat cross-legged in the room. He looked inward at his Sea of Consciousness and guided the power of the holy light in his mind to outline the guardian holy seal.

Lin Yao could successfully outline the holy seal by walking. However, just like the different proficiency levels for combat skills, the holy seal also had levels. Lin Yao needed to understand the meaning of the holy seal and the true meaning of guarding so that he could get twice the result with half the effort.

Of course, speaking of comprehending the holy seal, to Lin Yao, it was more about comprehending the power of light.

‘Since Heavenly Thunder Manipulation can be improved through cultivation, as long as I have a deep understanding of the Armored Body Of Light, it is also theoretically possible for the Armored Body of Light to do this.’

With these thoughts in mind, Lin Yao would comprehend the power of the holy light every morning when he was refreshed and clear-minded. As for the power of thunder, there was no need to specially perceive it. When he was being electrocuted, even if he was unwilling, the feeling of the electr

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