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Chapter 70: He Is Also a Freak

“By the way, what is this mysterious land? The situation here does not make it seem like a normal world.”

Upon hearing Lin Yao’s question, the policewoman didn’t answer. Instead, she said quickly, “Hey, student, these are not things you can understand now. When you graduate from university, if you join a special department, you will learn about it all.”

After speaking, the policewoman pulled out some supplies for Lin Yao and the girls before she prepared to leave. Upon contemplating it for a while, Lin Yao comforted the two children and put them in a safe place before walking toward the fighters.

“You guys must be here to eliminate the freaks. I think I can help you.”

“All you need to do is be safe and obedient.”

After discovering that Lin Yao was just a high school student, the fighters didn’t pin any of their hopes on him.

However, Lin Yao didn’t give up. He was very persistent because he felt emotional over the sacrifice of these fighters and wanted to do something within his means to help.

The other reason was Lin Yao’s guess.

‘The system I obtained is the social security system after the mutation of the Ant Forest. Although its only function after the mutation is planting trees, the sources of energy have already expanded. Volunteering at the orphanage and helping with the growth of the children there is beneficial to humanity as a whole. Therefore, it allows me to gain some energy. Since that’s the case, I’ll also gain energy if I protect the people and reduce the fighters’ casualties, right?’

Although he hadn’t done this before, Lin Yao guessed that this should be the case.

‘This is certainly possible, as it is also a way to contribute to mankind.’

With this thought in mind, Lin Yao naturally wanted to help these fighters in order to accumulate more energy.

However, they didn’t expect much from Lin Yao because he was too young.

Lin Yao was not cross about this, but he started talking to himself.

“I didn’t arrive at the door of the haunted house as soon as I came in. I wandered in the amusement park for more than half an hour before that.”

“Are you joking? Even I wouldn’t be able to survive for two hours if I had two children with me. But you?”

Captain Li replied to Lin Yao’s words furiously, but Lin Yao was not bothered. He added, “I know it’s hard for you guys to believe it, but I’m not ordinary. Let me introduce myself. I’ve registered in the Abnormal Ability Department before as a talented person. I’ve actually encountered a lot of dangers after coming in, but because I only had six dollars, most of the dangers didn’t come looking for me. Furthermore, I have the ability to detect malice. I was thus able to avoid a bunch of dangers and arrive at the haunted house.”

After saying these words, Lin Yao glanced at Captain Li. This person had been very sarcastic, but Lin Yao was not cross because he could perceive the kindness in him.

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