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Chapter 213: Electromagnetic Induction LV2, 3D Image

Upon enlightenment, Lin Yao figured out many things and somewhat understood why he could absorb some kinds of light and not others.

He even had some speculations about the nature of moonlight.

Nevertheless, according to a saying, as one’s circle of knowledge expanded, so did the circumference of darkness surrounding it.

Lin Yao could empathize with this. The more he came to know, the more he realized he didn’t know.

Unfortunately, his foundation was inadequate and the state of a sage in a Light-Bulb Moment quickly disappeared. He could only bury the things he didn’t know in his heart.

Although the state of enlightenment disappeared, the feelings still lingered. Therefore, Lin Yao didn’t get up. Instead, his lying body became more languid as he tried his best to replicate his earlier enlightenment experience.

This was very useful. Knowledge was power. This enlightenment had taken Lin Yao’s understanding of light to the next level, making it easier for him to study light-related combat skills in the future.

There was also an immediate effect. After understanding the complex relationship between light and electromagnetic waves, Lin Yao discovered that his Electromagnetic Induction had advanced from LV1 to LV2.

[Introduction: The host has thunder talent. After combining this with his mental strength, the host can use his mental strength as a medium to induce magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves. He can also map the received information in his mind. Electromagnetic Induction LV2 will send and present the information to the host in the form of a 3D image in his mind.]

[Note: The range of receiving the electromagnetic waves is linked to the mental strength of the host.]

Originally, Lin Yao’s electromagnetic induction had been like a sonic radar that could only perceive human silhouettes vaguely. This time, the electromagnetic induction transmitted an image to Lin Yao’s mind.

Now, in addition to seeing the image with his eyes, his mind had a 3D layer surrounding him. Everything within a radius of two kilometers was clearly displayed in the layer, and nothing could hide from his detection.

This was a good thing, as it could allow Lin Yao to see and observe things more clearly. However, the clear images had also increased the burden on Lin Yao’s brain.

“Ss… Xiaoxue, press harder.”

Lin Yao was trying to relieve himself from the headache caused by the advancement of electromagnetic induction. Fortunately, after his advancement to a Silver Person, his hypostasis had elevated and his mental tenacity had improved. He could still endure the burden of electromagnetic induction.

In fact, a certain degree of stress was beneficial. As long as he did not reach the limit of his potential, external pressure could stimulate the body to evolve faster.

The same principle applied to exercise, such as running, weightlifting, and other weight-beari

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