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Chapter 215: Heavenly Thunder Could Restrain Evil

Amidst the crackling sounds, the bright electric current was like two thunder dragons rushing toward both sides of the passageway in the apartment.

Electricity could hurt the freaks, and what Lin Yao released was the Heavenly Thunder that contained the will of heaven. The Heavenly Thunder was very disastrous to “evil”, such as the freaks that should not be present in the world.

Like the warm sun that melted the snow, the dazzling thunder and lightning had just touched the servant corpses on both sides, and a large amount of resentment evaporated with venomous roars. The servant corpses that had lost their resentment were burnt by the thunder and lightning in an instant.

Thunder and lightning did not travel in a straight line, but they spread like vines that would grow spontaneously. When the servant corpses dodged, the electric currents would bounce to the servant corpses like a chain of lightning and branch off in the middle.

In an instant, the two electric currents each spread to 50 meters long, penetrating countless servant corpses and destroying them instantaneously.

This scene shocked the two soldiers and the middle-aged police officer. They had initially been desperate and helpless, and they had not expected to survive.

‘Could reinforcements have arrived? That’s so fast.’

With such thoughts in mind, the two soldiers turned and saw a shocking scene.

Behind them stood the young genius who was protected by them. His eyes flashed with lightning, and he had a god-like demeanor.

People would usually feel uncomfortable under such a gaze, but as they watched the lightning chain that radiated from the boy’s arm and the servant corpses on both sides that were killed, they felt that his arrogance was justified.

‘He is very powerful.’

This was the first thought that young policewoman Lin Ru had when she saw how helpless her trusted predecessor was, while Lin Yao was able to save everyone by killing the freaks in one blow.

‘Master Lin Yao… is so handsome.’

This was the second thought that policewoman Lin Ru had. It was also what Lin Yao’s four assistants thought of right away.

Like the girls, who were shocked, the other two soldiers and the middle-aged armed policeman were also taken aback.

They had seen many battle scenes, and this was why they understood the sheer horror of the blow that had occurred just now.

“Are you not affected by the disordered space?”

“Why are your attacking abilities so powerful?”

The two of them were surprised, but Lin Yao had no time to reply.

The servant corpses were gone, but the thunderbolt did not completely dissipate. This time, the electric current was no longer directed outside, but it wrapped around Lin Yao, activating his body. It seemed as if the god of thunder had descended on Earth.

A moment later, Lin Yao slightly tapped the ground with one foot, and with a loud crack, he disapp

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