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Chapter 231: Mirror Space, Death

The holy angels descended into the world, purifying the filth in this place that was the strange and mysterious figure created by the mirror space.

Lin Yao, who was in the lake, was stunned for a long time by the clear-cut suicide scene.

‘You win… When it comes to suicide, I must admit that you are the strongest!’

Due to the initially mysterious and powerful abilities of the mirror space, Lin Yao was very cautious about the final battle. He was even prepared to escape if he could not defeat it. He also wore the three gold beads so that they could die in lieu of him anytime. However, he did not expect that the process and results of the final battle would be so funny.

There was no need for Lin Yao to strike, and the mirror space drove itself into a corner.

Of course, after recovering from his speechlessness and joy, Lin Yao also realized that the mirror space was not weak. It was just restrained by him.

If the last person fighting against the mirror body was another human being, including the genius Che Zhengyi, who was able to kill a gold warlord while only being a silver warlord, the outcome of this battle would be completely different.

Due to the perfect duplication of abilities and the constant replenishment of the grayish-black air currents, even if Che Zhengyi won the final match, it would be a fierce fight.

Unfortunately, the mirror space encountered Lin Yao. Most of his power was related to thunder and light. Both the Heavenly Thunder and the holy light could restrain the freak, and this was why the mirror space suffered a tragic fate in the end.

Although the mirror changed to look like Lin Yao and had some of Lin Yao’s abilities, its intrinsic nature remained the same. The freak that appeared was not exactly the same as Lin Yao, and its face was twisted and weird.

Due to the intrinsic nature of the freak, there were many restrictions when it transformed into Lin Yao. It could not use the Armored Body Of Light or activate the gene lock by using thunder and lightning. Last but not least, the Angel’s Descent was even suicidal when it came to the freak.

The freak was able to condense thunder, lightning, and light in the outside world. However, Lin Yao was extremely resistant to electric current due to the long-term stimulation of electric current. The Heavenly Thunder could not hurt him, but it could hurt the freak.

Therefore, the mirror space that had transformed into Lin Yao was still a freak by nature. In the end, it caused its own death.

Everyone was definitely happy about its death. However, Lin Yao soon thought of something and hurriedly shouted to the people above.

“Leave! I slashed and killed the mirror space. It is very likely that this place will break. Run for your life now!”

Lin Yao was confident that the mirror freak had already died. This was because he would gain green energy points by slaughtering freaks.

When the strange an

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