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Chapter 214: The Reversed Space of the Mirror

‘Could we have… entered the mirror?’

As soon as he thought of this, the few women behind Lin Yao felt their scalps go numb, and they shrank their bodies in fright.

Ignoring them, Lin Yao focused his gaze on the four people who had followed him into the house. In comparison to a student like him, these four… three men had combat experience and should be more knowledgeable.

Indeed, the trio confirmed something quickly.

“The situation is not good. There is a high chance we’ve entered the mirror.”

“Is it space transfer, or have our souls been pulled out?”

“It’s space transfer. I took many precautions earlier, but none of them worked. Damn it! We’re down on our luck, or we wouldn’t have encountered such a high-level freak.”

These people were all veteran fighters and had taken precautions after Lin Yao had warned them. However, space transfer was too advanced, and the various defense moves were useless.

At that moment, after discovering that the situation was iffy, the middle-aged armed police officer immediately led Lin Ru to Lin Yao’s side and tried to protect him as well.

As for the two military fighters, one of them took out weapons to guard the surrounding area, and the other gingerly peeked into the mirror in front of him.

Freaks had diverse abilities, and probing a freak was almost akin to making an unsuspecting trip to the land mine, which was extremely dangerous.

Despite this, the soldier didn’t hesitate to act.

They had encountered many dangerous situations while serving in the military and understood that one might die faster if one didn’t dare fight. In addition, there was a genius here, Lin Yao, who needed their protection. Therefore, they acted without any hesitation.

As for letting others explore? That would be a joke. One could not say the same for other countries, but the Chinese soldiers were always at the forefront when something happened.

“Student Lin Yao, don’t panic. We will protect you. Stay in between us later. If we can escape from the front door, we will protect you and rush out together. Otherwise, follow us somewhere else.”

Both the military and the armed police made the protection of the people of China their first priority. In addition, Lin Yao was a genius and was thus treated very well. The middle-aged armed police officer spared a thought for him immediately and even consoled him.

“Don’t worry, I’m not that timid… I have entered mysterious lands and participated in night patrols.”

“You actually have such experiences? I’ve underestimated you. That’s the best.”

While talking to the police officer, Lin Yao was also keeping a tight watch ahead, though he didn’t sense any evil, foul emotions, or freak auras. In fact, he had detected the danger earlier only when the elevator had ascended and stopped in front of him. This made him understand that Good and Evil Distinguishment was not omnipotent and could

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