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Chapter 172: Diamond-Level Talent—Review Approved

‘According to what those researchers said, I went through two hours of in-depth electric current development yesterday. I was also electrocuted by the professor overnight. My body has certainly changed drastically.

‘It feels fully charged. I’ll need to examine it.’

Eager to discover the changes in his body, Lin Yao simply sat cross-legged in the room and sank his mind into the Sea of Consciousness to look at the situation of the two sacred trees.

After a breath of time, the situation of the Sea of Consciousness greeted Lin Yao’s eyes. The Celestial Tree was still the same. Although it was the one that had dominated yesterday’s changes, it had not been affected.

In comparison to the Celestial Tree, the Tree of Heaven Punishment had undergone many changes. First, Lin Yao could see that it had grown slightly bigger. Second, the Tree of Heaven Punishment had electric current flowing around its body.

‘I knew this would be the case.’

As his gaze was fixed on the Tree of Heaven Punishment, the interface with Lin Yao’s personal information soon appeared before his eyes.

Lin Yao skipped the unchanged information. He had earlier memorized several unique changes in his heart.

First was the transformation of the Heavenly Thunder talent. The Heavenly Thunder was acquired after the Tree of Heaven Punishment was upgraded once. Due to Lin Yao’s frequent electrocution and his knowledge of the electricity system, the Heavenly Thunder talent had already reached LV2 (15%).

Although it had reached LV2, the progress bar would only increase by 1% each time he was electrocuted. This was not considered slow. After all, his electrocution time was 100 times longer than that of ordinary people. Even if he had poor talent, he would still comprehend something after being electrocuted for such a long time.

However, Lin Yao was startled by the change in his Heavenly Thunder talent this time. After he woke up from his sleep, the LV2 level did not change. Nevertheless, the progress bar in parentheses had increased by 15% and reached LV2 (30%) in one go.

‘It’s a great improvement. Light Adjustment rules.’

Because he didn’t have a high comprehension ability, Lin Yao used to passively receive information during the electrocution. This time, however, Lin Yao hadn’t comprehended anything during the electrocution. Nevertheless, Light Adjustment, a passive ability, had actively changed Lin Yao’s physique by consuming light energy and increasing Lin Yao’s compatibility with thunder electricity. Therefore, he could only exclaim ‘Light Adjustment rules’. At the same time, he thought of something else.

‘According to the description of Light Adjustment, it not only works on electric shock but also on flames, ice, as well as any harm from getting slashed and resisting attacks… My resistance to all these things could be increased by consuming light energy.

‘Although I’ll need to be

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