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Chapter 177: Angel’s Descent

Coming from all directions, the light rays converged toward Lin Yao, complimenting his godlike, sacred temperament.

As the light rays converged, Lin Yao’s aura rose continuously. Almost instantaneously, his aura broke through from the martial artist to the warlord level and continued to advance… From beginner and intermediate martial artist, it advanced to peak warlord.

Reaching the peak was not the most terrifying thing. An oppressive aura that didn’t belong to the warlord was spreading to the surroundings with Lin Yao as the epicenter. That aura made Zhang Feng, Yan Yan, and the few people near him feel an impulse to kneel and worship. The body of Wu Sheng, whom Lin Yao had been watching like a hawk, turned so stiff that he couldn’t move. Feelings of repentance welled in his heart. Simultaneously, huge terror was mounting in his heart as well.

“This… What is this?”

Wu Sheng’s voice was filled with shock and disbelief. His expression had also become distorted due to Lin Yao’s aura change.

Lin Yao, who had used Angel’s Descent and was now shrouded in holy light, responded by curling the corners of his mouth into a faint smile.

“Honestly, I originally intended to use this as a trump card. I wasn’t planning to use this to deal with you. However, you’re too noisy. I shall widen your horizons and let you witness my strongest power… Don’t blame me for not warning you. Do your best to defend yourself.”

After he said this, Lin Yao raised one of his hands high. As he moved it, light gathered toward his palm from all directions. The huge amount of light converging in one place made Lin Yao’s raised right hand look like it was holding a sun.


Feelings of extreme regret appeared in Wu Sheng’s heart. He hadn’t expected his provocation for the sake of fame to cause such huge trouble. However, it was too late for him to regret it now.

He was indeed not a simple character. Despite his regret and indignation, he didn’t sit around and do nothing. After he hollered furiously, his aura rose and his eyes exuded a murderous glint. He then rushed toward Lin Yao like an asura[1].


He was charging forward with commendable courage, but sometimes, courage wasn’t enough to deal with everything.

Wu Sheng, who had four potential warlords behind him, took only one step. By then, Lin Yao had already gathered all the holy light he needed.

“It’s going to be over soon.”

Following Lin Yao’s words, the dazzling ball of light shattered, and a huge, three-meter-long sunlight spear appeared in Lin Yao’s hands.

The long spear was oriental-looking, simple and beautiful, and exuded an indescribable, sacred aura. Just looking at the divine spear made Wu Sheng have an illusion that he would be judged.

The energy in the light spear made his heart palpitate even more.

‘If I’m shot, I will die!’

The tremor of death made his hands and feet turn cold. At that moment

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