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Chapter 165: Could Have An Easy Life Based On His Looks

“One Sword is well-known for his fast moves. After that night, the two of them haven’t looked very happy. This…”

Fortunately, Lin Yao did not know. Otherwise, a tragedy would have happened here.

Thanks to the appearance of the Lord of Light, Lin Yao was able to control the light element within a radius of 50 meters. This also enabled the refraction distance of the Clear Mirror Body Technique of the Clear Mirror Swordsmanship that he had learned to reach 50 meters.

In fact, Lin Yao felt that he might even be able to achieve optical invisibility.

It was just that he had only advanced yesterday and he’d had no time to practice.

‘In other words, I have to read up on the physics behind the light attribute abilities to master optical invisibility. I am speechless. After transmigrating, I have to learn about electromagnetism and light attribute abilities.’

Lin Yao was walking while complaining to himself. When he was about 30 meters away from No. 4 High School, Tu Hong suddenly looked to his side. “You are here.”

“How did you manage to see me?”

As these words were heard, the distant figure suddenly dissipated, and Lin Yao’s figure abruptly appeared beside Tu Hong.

Tu Hong pointed to his ears in response to Lin Yao’s question. “I heard you. There might seem to be no countermeasure to your ability, but it only affects the vision. Those who are good at hearing or who have a good sense of smell can easily locate you.”

Tu Hong seemed calm while explaining this to Lin Yao. However, only he was aware of the difficulties of such abilities.

People with acute hearing could indeed hear Lin Yao’s position, but that was the only thing they could hear. It was basically impossible to detect the angle of Lin Yao’s sword, which was similar to martial artists with an excellent sense of smell.

When observing things, ordinary people were very dependent on their vision. About 80% of the knowledge and memory in the brain was obtained through the eyes. Even if someone was specially trained in blind warfare, they would still be at a disadvantage when they closed their eyes to fight with a normal person.

Light occlusion was really useful at low levels. However, Tu Hong, who wanted to maintain his last trace of dignity as an instructor, did not praise him for his abilities.

Lin Yao, who revealed himself and chatted with Instructor Tu Hong, noticed that other people were here as well. He raised his hands in greeting.

Upon seeing this, those people responded quickly, but Lin Yao noticed teasing smiles on everyone’s faces. Obviously, they also knew what had happened this morning, which made Lin Yao, who was in a bad mood, feel worse.

“Why are all of you here? As I recall, you don’t have to compete today.”

As soon as he said this, the smiles disappeared from Zhang Feng’s and Tu Ying’s faces.

“Scoundrel, we’re still friends.”

“I told you not to co

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