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Chapter 156: The Reappearance of the Door-Knocking Freak

“Stop the car. What are you guys doing?”

“Police Officer, we came here from somewhere else to help. We heard that this place has been affected by the disaster and came to offer support…”

As Qin Ya was conversing with them, Lin Yao realized why she had only purchased supplies for distribution during the early part of the night. Obviously, this was not a place she was familiar with. She couldn’t pull any strings, and it was very difficult to continue the distribution outdoors after midnight.

As Qin Ya was handling the conversation, Lin Yao looked in the direction of the group of policemen. Feeling bored, he watched them interrogate a resident and pondered what he was going to do tonight after he returned.

‘Meditate or study?

‘Forget it, I’ll just rest. The progress of my meditation is too slow. I’ll do that again after finding a way to turn on a cheat.’

Ordinary people would not think of taking shortcuts, but Lin Yao was not ordinary.

There were angels on the Celestial Tree, but no spirits were living on the Tree of Heaven Punishment yet. Recently, when Lin Yao had some time, he’d search for clues about the Leize Dragon God or other thunderous beasts in the abnormal ability forum or merit service forum.

‘I can use other methods if I can’t get a clue. Anyway, Leize Dragon God Meditation is at the beginner level, and it doesn’t take much effort to change the meditation technique.’

The shortcut in this area made Lin Yao reluctant to waste time on ordinary meditation, which was not efficient.

There was no need for meditation. As far as his studies were concerned, the physics teacher Qin Ya had found for him had not arrived yet. Lin Yao would have to wait and see. He was going to rest well tonight to prepare for the opening match of the top 32 players tomorrow.

By the time Lin Yao thought about his plans for tonight, Qin Ya’s conversation with the other party also ended. After being warned by the policemen who had stopped them, Qin Ya was ready to drive away. Lin Yao also turned away from the door of the residence that was surrounded by the police. The inquiry was over, and the homeowner had closed the door and returned to the inside of the house.

However, after he’d closed the door for a mere three seconds, Lin Yao shuddered all over as if he’d gotten a fright. He looked in the direction of the door and hollered suddenly, “Stop the car!”

The sudden shout startled Qin Ya, who had been clutching her forehead and massaging her temple. Even the police officers in the distance were stunned.

“Why are you shouting?”

Qin Ya initially complained, but she soon saw Lin Yao breaking out in a cold sweat and staring at the door of the residence where they had been interrogated earlier.

More than one person saw Lin Yao, and the officers, who hadn’t walked far away, also noticed Lin Yao’s abnormal behavior. Immediately, a few of them walked t

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