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‘He picked up the king combat skill after drinking a cup of tea. Is enlightenment tea that effective?’

After Lin Yao retrieved the sword, he did not bother continuing his practice. He found a corner and switched on his cell phone to check the news about Che Zhengyi.

After checking, Lin Yao discovered that enlightenment tea was indeed amazing, but Che Zhengyi was even more formidable. This guy was a game-changer. From a young age, he had demonstrated peerless talent at swordsmanship. After learning silver-level combat skills, he had comprehended gold-level combat skills on his own in his university days. Thanks to the combination of his aptitude for swordsmanship and the enlightenment tea, he had picked up king-level swordsmanship in a short time.

‘Is this the world of a genius? Practicing thousands of times to make small progress and a million times to achieve real success? No way. One only needs a sword.’

Lin Yao, who had felt fairly complacent because of his awakened talent, was dealt a great blow.

‘Damn it! Are geniuses that unreasonable?’

It took a long time before he went back to his normal self.

‘I won’t dwell on this further. Regardless of how powerful he is, this is like the strong wind that sweeps over the mountain. It has nothing to do with me.’

As he calmed down, Lin Yao continued to practice his sword-drawing posture and speed rigorously.


He unsheathed the sword and sheathed it.


He unsheathed the sword and sheathed it.


He unsheathed the sword and sheathed it.

A loud sound akin to striking iron was heard in the courtyard, and every sound was a result of Lin Yao’s effort. Soon, the string of consecutive sounds sounded like one loud clang.

Lin Yao, who had collected his nutrition drinks, went through an arduous training session in his courtyard. He practiced military boxing three times a day—morning, noon, and afternoon. During the time in between his training, Lin Yao would unsheathe his sword repeatedly to train his speed.

Of course, as he trained hard, Lin Yao did not forget the children in the orphanage. Keeping his promise, Lin Yao brought some reference books with him when he visited the orphanage again. He also found two teachers to answer the questions of the children.

What surprised Lin Yao this time was that he ran into the Ice Mountain Girl, Yan Yan, again.

‘I always feel that it should be the other way around. I should be running into Qin Xue, the kind young lady, more often.’

“So you still have designs on her.”

“Uh… When did you come over?”

Lin Yao was shocked when he saw Yan Yan behind him.

However, Yan Yan frowned slightly when she glanced at Lin Yao’s face. She said, “You look very tired.”

Lin Yao was indeed exhausted. He had practiced for about 30 rounds of military boxing today. In addition, he trained his speed during the resting time in between his rounds of training.

Although Lin Yao had th

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