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Human beings had different physiques. Regardless of how good one was at mastering a skill, the learning method ultimately originated from others. One could truly achieve transcendence only when something originated from oneself. Therefore, there was another level above profoundness.

According to the information Lin Yao had browsed on the Internet, it seemed that he could break through to the king level only after creating his own combat skill.

‘My training speed is two to three times that of others. However, five to six days is still too short, and now I’ve only reached the proficiency level.’

Speaking of this, Lin Yao had to credit it to military boxing. This technique had built a great foundation for him. It had not only developed Lin Yao’s body but had also enabled him to reach his body limit. Lin Yao was also able to gain utmost control of his body.

In five to six days, he could already slash open everything that smashed toward him directly, even when the other party made fake movements. As long as the opponent was not moving randomly and there was no interference from someone else, he was able to slash open the balls. (Earlier on, both his siblings had thrown balls together.)

Lin Yao was not satisfied with this. Nevertheless, this had been something unattainable on the Blue Planet of his past life.

Even a professional baseball player would not be able to achieve 100% accuracy when it came to hitting a baseball, but Lin Yao could slash the ball in an instant and carry on slashing consecutively. Furthermore, he had only practiced this for less than six days.

This situation had been deemed abnormal in his past life due to military boxing.

First of all, military boxing and spirit energy had developed Lin Yao’s body. Although his physique was not the top amongst the humans in this era and he had not become a martial artist, his strength and reaction speed had already surpassed those of the boxing champion in his past life. This gave Lin Yao the physical foundation needed to slash open the small balls.

Secondly, while developing his body, military boxing also made Lin Yao’s body flawless and he had strong control over his body. In just six days, he was able to advance his Sword-Drawing Technique to the proficiency level.

‘Military boxing does not have specific characteristics, but it is rated gold because it is very stable. It has a solid foundation and improves one’s body comprehensively. Anyone can practice it. It is indeed a technique that the country has been trying to improve for decades.’

After exclaiming about the benefits of military boxing, Lin Yao did not continue to draw his sword. It was not that he had given up. He just knew that if he did not have the enlightenment tea soon, he would never be able to break through to the small progress level. Now, Lin Yao had more important things to do—such as advance to a martial artist.

‘I’ve trained hard for several days, taking three bottles of n

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