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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 94
The knights’ spears rose high as if they were going to pierce the sky. The swords on their hips were sharp, and the shields on their arms were thick and sturdy. The battle horses were muscular and moved in a steady line, following right behind the tail of the horse in front of them. The knights looked as if they were apostles sent from heaven.

Behind them, people wearing white robes and holding a long staff rode on a wagon pulled by a working horse. There were also priests who prayed for the blessing and safety of their comrades who were going to battle and enact judgment and punishment upon their enemies.

All of them had the same symbols embedded on their clothes: the Karuwiman symbol. They were the military force that had gathered to fight against the Bellid. They gave off such a tense and sharp atmosphere that it was incredibly difficult to approach them. Their determination to go to war was motivated by the idea of sacrificing their lives for the cause. Even if they died in this battle, they would be merely departing from their flesh and going to Karuna’s side for a life of eternal happiness. Their faith relieved them from their fear and made them even more fearsome in battle.

Weig, who was advancing from the very front, raised his hand. In an instant, the entire military force halted. While holding the reins, Weig observed ahead. The vast wilderness he had seen lay before him. He saw the groove where he and Zich had hidden their horses last time, and from further away, he saw the large stone that led to the Bellids’ cave.

“It’s over there.” When Weig pointed his fingers at a rock from a distance, all the people of Karuwiman stared at the rock. “Beneath that rock, there is an entrance to an underground cave.”

“It’s finally starting.” Lubella tightly gripped her reins next to Weig. Her heart pounded in anticipation and nervousness.

“Yes. We are finally starting judgment against those blasted Bellids.” Even Weig was excited by the upcoming war; his eyes were already full of bloodlust. This was the same for the rest of the Karuwiman soldiers. Whether it was big or small, a fiery fire formed in the hearts of all the women and men of Karuwiman.

However, one person did not share their sentiments. Zich was extremely calm; no, the coldness of the sword he sharpened inside his heart made him emit a freezing atmosphere. His icy, cold heart completely contrasted the fiery hearts of the soldiers around him.

Zich let go of his reins and got down from his horse. It had already been agreed upon that Zich would go ahead and infiltrate the temple first.

“Please be careful.”

“Mr. Zich, be careful.”

Weig and Lubella expressed their concerns. It was an incredibly difficult task to secretly infiltrate a place. Moreover, the place he had to infiltrate was the infamous Bellid’s northern branch.

“Don’t worry. Even if I’m captured, there’s not much information I know.”

Karuwiman didn’t inform Zich about the detai

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