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To prove that his decision to go to the ritual room was not a lie, Zich retraced his steps.

Bam! Bam!

Trislowa, who was on a knight’s back, threw attacks at Zich. Since he couldn’t concentrate his power on such a shaky position, the force he let out was barely a fraction of his strength; however, as a cardinal, he was far stronger than an ordinary person.

‘What a thrill.’

An energy blast barely missed Zich’s back and made a hole on the wall next to him. However, Zich laughed instead.

‘Heh! A battle should be thrilling like this.’

Zich evaded another close attack and moved forward. Like this, he soon arrived at the ritual room.


Zich kicked the door open. Seeing his rude and careless behavior, the Bellid followers were furious again. The ritual room and the prayer room were the most important places in the temple. They followed Zich and went inside the room. But their anger at Zich for kicking the door only lasted a moment.

When they went inside the room and saw the sight in front of them, all the Bellid followers froze in place. Anyone would be paralyzed by the scene in front of them.

“…You…!” Trislowa shook from head to toe as he got down from the knight’s back.

The knight next to him quickly supported him. But the knight who supported him also couldn’t take his eyes off the horror in front of him. It was a slaughterhouse. The magic circle that encircled the statue of Bellu used to be beautiful and detailed, but now, it was difficult to even see the drawings from all the blood that covered it. There was so much blood that it didn’t even look like blood. It looked more like red paint that someone accidentally spilled all over the room. However, this was not the most shocking part.

All the Bellid followers here held high positions, and they were known to be the world’s pests. They all had experience with causing a bloodbath like the one in front of them. However, even for them, the sight of numerous priests covered in an ocean of blood was terrifying—no, it was difficult to even figure out if the corpses were priests. Their clothing no longer showed any of the blue color that signified that they were Bellid followers. As if the uniform was originally red, the entire uniform was dyed bright red. The same could also be said for the shape of the uniform. The clothes were ripped so severely that they couldn’t even be used as rags, and it was more accurate to say that ragged pieces of clothes hung on the bodies of dead priests.

On the other hand, the priests’ uniforms looked “lovely” compared to the state of the corpses. The body was cut in many places like pieces of meat, and blood flowed out from everywhere. It was hard to even tell if they were human corpses. The entire scene in front of them clearly displayed the deep hatred of the people who killed the priests.

“You…! You…!”

Even though Trislowa already predicted that all the priests in the ritual room probably died when the barri

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