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The battle between the Bellids and Karuwimans was fierce. Whenever the Karuwimans launched offensive attacks to cross the lake, the Bellids fiercely resisted. Due to the Bellids’ adamant resistance, the Karuwimans weren’t able to secure a bridge to cross the lake yet.

In this intense battle, Zich’s two servants were bravely fighting on. Hans was stationed on the frontlines, and he directly engaged with the Bellid knights. Even though he was lower-skilled than his opponents’, he maintained his ground. Zich’s sinister, almost perverted training was showing its full effect again.

‘In this area, I have to—!’ Hans found a small opening between the Karuwiman knights in front of him and moved his sword to stab a Bellid knight.



A Bellid knight quickly smackedHans' cleverlypositioned sword away. The force of the Bellid knight’s sword made Hans’ hands shake. However, Hans didn’t let go of his sword and hurriedly backed away.



The Bellid, who lost his balance from Hans’ attack, was hit by a Karuwiman knight and fell down. Hans continued to look for moreopenings.

‘My body moved almost by instinct.’

The only time Hans experienced a large-scale battle like this was in the Dracul estate at Ospurin. However, since he was already in his second battle, his body skillfully moved along with his allies’ movements. Even he surprised himself.

‘Sir Zich’s training really makes people speechless.’

Hans thought his competency in this battle was all thanks to Zich’s training. However, that was not the only reason. Previously, Zich remarked that Hans’ talent was comparable to Glen Zenard, one of the few people Zich approved of in strength alone; and through Zich’s extreme training, Hans’ talent was beginning to blossom in full display.

Likewise, Snoc also played a significant part in this battle. He stood on a stepping stone in the center of a lake and fired his power over the earth towards his enemies.

Bam! Bam!

Huge earth pillars sprouted out from the walls of the cave next to the Bellid knights. The Bellid knights crushed the earth pillars with their swords. Even though they didn’t receive much damage from these attacks, the pillars continued to pop out and hamper their focus.

‘If I destroy the pathway that the frontline is standing on, I can attack them all at once.’ Snoc felt regretful. However, in a situation where they had to increase more paths across the lake, he couldn’t afford to destroy any pathways.

‘Is it because I’m still lacking in skill?’ Even though Snoc was able to safely bring out Nowem’s strength, he couldn’t bring out all of it. If he could, then the first thing he would have done was to break this cave’s ceiling and fill up the lake.

‘Ah, but would Sir Zich scold me because the entire cave might collapse?’

No, if he could completely bring out Nowem’s strength, he might be able to destroy everything that supported the cave and still hold up the ent

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