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It was deep into the night. Most of the lights coming from the houses had disappeared until only the security guards’ torches lit up the city. However, the luxurious mansion where aristocrats gathered still had some lights radiating out from it. Fires lit up parts of the yard, and rays of light from the room of those who were still awake seeped out to the streets. There were even some places where the sound of laughter drifted through the wind as if there was a party.

On the other hand, quiet darkness blanketed the Windpool mansion, where the bare minimum of lights was maintained. Some of the lights came from rooms, making it seem like some people were still not asleep yet. And there was Zich, staring at the Windpool mansion on top of a temple’s bell tower. There was a considerable distance between the temple and the estate, but that didn’t matter to Zich.

‘…Should I infiltrate the place again?’

For the past three days, Zich had been moving in and out of the Windpool mansion. It was a dangerous mission, but thanks to Zich’s advanced spying abilities and Lyla’s artifact, everything was going along well. At the same time, Zich couldn’t say that the result of his infiltration had been fruitful.

‘I didn’t find out much.’

The Windpool mansion appeared to be a normal aristocratic mansion. Servants worked hard while aristocrats played, looked over their businesses, or took a short trip outside. There was nothing to be suspicious about.

‘All I found out was that Marquess Windpool was absent…’

Currently, the only one in the mansion was the Windpool heir and Evelyn’s fiancé, Albus Windpool.

‘Did something happen to the Marquess?’

But that was the only useful information that Zich found out.

‘And intruding more than this will be dangerous.’

Even the artifact that Lyla gave him only had one use left to hide his presence and make him invisible.

‘Although there’s a possibility that the Windpool family might have no relation to Evelyn’s incident…’

But Zich also couldn’t finalize his decision after observing them for only a couple of days.

‘Maybe I have to be a bit more aggressive.’

Zich made a resolution and stood up. The bell tower was quite high, so the winds were rough. The robe Zich was wearing fluttered around, but his body remained firmly on the floor.


The sword he hung on his waist shook from the wind, and Zich’s attention went towards it.


Windur was the mysterious sword that he found by accident. Its branch-like shape was its unique characteristic, but the sword currently possessed no special features and hung on his waist. Its size was also much smaller than before. Normally, Zich would have carried it around on his back like a shield.

‘But I can’t believe it also had an ability like this.’

It was almost unfair. Windur now looked like a dagger with no distinct characteristics. After it transformed its appearance into an ordinary sword, Zich later mut

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