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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 130
This was a memory of an event that took place before Zich’s regression; it happened right after Zich’s conversation with Joachim about his “bloody hobby.” After Zich listened to Joachim’s clearly faulty logic, he watched Joachim bathe in a pool of blood for a bit longer. Then, he heard another voice.

“What are you doing, boss?”

Zich turned around to see where the voice came from. There was only one person among his subordinates who called him ‘boss.’ Her auburn hair flung around wildly. The clothes she wore were like pieces of cloth that barely covered her vital areas, and they made her look more sensual. Although she had an elegant face, there was also a crafty air about her; and this head-turning beauty soon approached them.

“What? Were you on a date with Joachim?”

“Even if it’s a joke, don’t say something so disgusting.”

Zich waved his hands, and Joachim scooped a lot more blood and poured it over his shoulders. Evelyn was appalled.

“It’s unbelievable! How could you love something like that so much?”

“That’s what I’m saying!”

Zich finally found someone who agreed with him and felt glad. But Zich also forgot that she wasn’t a normal person. Including Zich—although he claimed that he was different—none of his subordinates were normal.

“Ah!” Surprised, she screamed and lifted a corpse up. Although it was barely maintaining its form, the corpse had a decent appearance like it could have belonged to a very handsome man.

“Hey, I told you to not kill the good-looking ones!”

Joachim changed his posture and answered, “I never agreed to it.”

“Isn’t blood the only thing you need? I told you I would hunt some other guys in your stead!”

“No need.”

“Ah, seriously! It’s not like you care about the owners of your blood!”

Then, she turned to Zich. “Boss! Say something to him too!”

Zich didn’t say anything and quietly scratched his head. When Zich didn’t take her side, she pouted.

“Tch! I should at least take the head.” She took out a dagger from her hip and sliced the man’s head. Then, she carried the head under one of her arms and walked through the corpses as if she was shopping.

“Oh, I found another handsome man!”

She glared at Joachim who killed the handsome man in front of her and sliced that man’s head too. She almost looked like those barbarians who hung their victim’s body parts on their waist like ornaments. However, she was simply looking for parts to use as interior decorations(?) for her room.

‘…Is this my karma for killing so many people?’

The behaviors of his peculiar subordinates forced Zich to think back on his past sins.

* * *

‘That was how Evelyn Rouge was like…’

Zich stared at Evelyn, drinking tea in front of him. She was different from her future self. Of course, her exterior appearance was the same; she still had the same elegant features and was still a rare beauty. No, compared to the time before his regression, she was younger, and her be

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