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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 131
The next day, people began to evacuate the lakeshore. Since Evelyn had lost interest in the lake, they no longer had any reason to reside near the lake. Zich and Lyla also followed them, saying they didn’t want to stay near a lake where a monster had appeared. Evelyn was happy to hear this, and while her servants carefully supported her, she continued her previous conversation with Zich and Lyla.

Zich and Lyla responded to Evelyn’s questions politely. Zich didn’t show any signs of his usual rough demeanor, and they soon arrived back at the capital after a couple of days. And by that time, Evelyn seemed very fond of the two, especially Lyla.

“I will invite you two to my mansion later,” Evelyn said and left.

“Good. We made some good progress.” Zich was very satisfied with the current situation.

After a couple of days passed, they really did receive an invitation to the Rouge family’s mansion. Thus, Zich and Lyla went to the mansion and chatted with Evelyn about a variety of topics. After they ate a fancy meal, the two returned to their lodging. Hans and Snoc were already asleep by then.

“She really is a good kid,” Lyla said with surprise. “But more than that, she seems weak. Like I can’t see anything strong about her. How did she become one of your subordinates?”

“That means something intense will happen to Evelyn. Something big enough to change her.”

There was a high possibility that it could also be something very cruel.

“Did you find out anything?”

“Nothing important. We didn’t even talk about anything special.”

“Isn’t that bad?”

“But I found something that could be a clue,” Zich recalled what happened before his regression. “The Evelyn in the future said that she left the capital around the King’s 50th birthday celebration, and she didn’t look happy while saying that.”

It also lingered in his mind that she said she had ‘left the capital.’ Evelyn was the Marquess’ daughter. The place she usually resided was at her family’s estate rather than the capital. And didn’t she say that she went to the lake every time she went to the capital?

“In Evelyn’s perspective, leaving the capital was a normal occurrence. But when she was telling me the story, she specifically pinpointed the event as the time when sheleftthe capital. It seems more accurate to think that she got chased out of the city because of some incident.”

“But Evelyn is the Marquess’ daughter. How could that happen with her family background?”

“Therefore, it must have been such a big incident that not even her background could have protected her. Or it could have been something that placed not only her, but her whole family in jeopardy.”

“Now that you mention it, the Marquess was not at the mansion when we went there.”

“On top of that, there wasn’t the Rouge family’s heir, the Marquess’ son, either.”

The only ones in the mansion at the capital were the Marquess’ knights and servants. It also seemed like Evelyn could cas

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